Google News Is Now Available In Bahasa Melayu. Here's Everything You Need To Know

To switch languages, all you have to do is choose the Bahasa Melayu option in your language and region settings.

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Google News continues to help readers find news from authoritative sources, ranging from the world's biggest news websites to small, local, and specialty publications.

You can browse through it on a dedicated website or app available on Android and iOS.

By identifying and organising stories from a wide range of news sources — a key tool in the fight against misinformation — Google News is helping readers more easily discover the bigger picture of what's going on around them.

That includes finding more local stories from their communities, as well as helping them better understand the breaking news topics of the day, both nationally and globally.

That's why Google News is now available in Bahasa Melayu, helping Malaysian readers discover more local news and better understand global issues

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To switch languages, all you have to do is go to 'Settings' on your Google News homepage by clicking on the gear symbol. Then, go to 'Language & region', choose the Bahasa Melayu option, and press 'Update'.

This expansion reaffirms Google's commitment to making information accessible to people across the globe in the language they prefer.

Making it easier for readers to find the news they're looking for doesn't just benefit readers, it also helps publishers. When readers click on Google News links, they'll be directed to publishers' websites. Not only does this drive traffic to their content, publishers will also then be able to show ads and incentivise readers to subscribe.

In 2022, Google sent more than 66 million visits to Malaysian publishers per month, at no charge.

Google hopes that the availability of Google News in Bahasa Melayu helps more people find the news they're looking for — from diverse, authoritative publishers of all sizes from Malaysia and beyond. They also hope this provides even more support to journalists and publishers who work tirelessly to deliver news to the public.

On top of this, Google is committed to supporting quality journalism and helping Malaysian publishers and journalists thrive online

How? By continuing to invest in products, programmes, and funding via the Google News Initiative (GNI).

GNI will continue to support important work, such as this story about one of Malaysian childrens' biggest problems, spotlighted by journalists from the BERNAMA team after attending GNI's data journalism training.

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