PSA: Charging Your iPhone 15 Pro In Your BMW May Damage It

Reports indicate that the wireless charging pad is to blame.

Cover image via Audioledcar & Sophia Stark/Unsplash

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It goes without saying that taking care of your brand-new iPhone 15 is our utmost priority

If you're an iPhone 15 user who happens to drive a BMW, charging it in the car may not be the best idea. According to multiple posts on X, Macrumors forum, as well as Reddit, charging the iPhone 15 Pro using the vehicle's wireless charging pad may brick your phone's NFC chip.

The NFC chip in iPhones is used for various functions, such as Apple Pay and digital car keys

iPhone users who experienced issues with their NFC chip encountered an error message in the Wallet app that states "Could Not Set Up Apple Pay". Regrettably, there isn't a solution to resolve this problem at the moment.

Even though most of the affected phones are iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, it's worth noting that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus may also be susceptible

Therefore, owners of any iPhone 15 model should proceed with caution until this issue is sorted out.

It remains unclear what the cause of the issue is,  how many customers are affected, and which BMW models are involved.

One theory is that wirelessly charging an iPhone in a cramped space inside a BMW may cause it to overheat

Image via BMW

Charging your phone wirelessly causes your device to heat up considerably more than when using a cable. Also, charging your phone wirelessly during a hot day could make matters worse.

If you are facing this issue, the best solution is to try replacing your phone

Users who were affected by this issue reported that Apple was willing to replace the affected device with a brand-new one, and were advised to not use the wireless charging pad in their cars.

BMW and Apple have yet to release a statement regarding this issue.

Owners of the iPhone 15 and BMW should also proceed with caution until this issue is resolved by Apple, BMW, or both.

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