Good News: Apple Is Working With BMW To Fix iPhone Wireless Charging Issue

Be careful when charging your iPhone 15 in BMWs.

Cover image via autoledcar & Apple

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It's been known for a while that the new iPhone 15 does not play well with some wireless chargers found in BMW cars

A couple of weeks ago, there were reports from iPhone owners that the NFC chip on their devices was ruined after wirelessly charging their phones in BMWs.

The NFC chip in iPhones is used for various features such as Apple Pay and digital car keys

Image via xrayboy

iPhone users who experienced issues with their NFC chip encountered an error message in the Wallet app that states "Could Not Set Up Apple Pay". Regrettably, there isn't a solution to resolve this problem at the moment.

An internal memo spotted by MacRumors pointed out a potential fix incoming

According to a recent MacRumors report, Apple has issued an internal memo to third-party repair providers, indicating that an upcoming software update later in the year aims to address a problem with a limited number of in-car wireless chargers causing temporary disruptions to iPhone 15 NFC chips.

Apple has advised that until the software fix is released, individuals who encounter this issue should refrain from using the wireless charger in their cars. Users have been expressing concerns about BMW wireless chargers impacting the functionality of Apple Pay and the BMW digital key feature, with complaints appearing on platforms such as Reddit, Apple's Support community, and more.

BMW acknowledges the issue and have revealed to be working closely with Apple to resolve the issue

BMW appeared to acknowledge the problem earlier this month when the BMW UK X account responded to a complaint by stating that the company is collaborating with Apple to look into the issue.

Since it's difficult to determine which car models are impacted, the safest course of action for BMW owners or those with a Toyota Supra equipped with a wireless charger is to refrain from using it until the issue is resolved.

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