Recently Used The MAE App? You Could Actually Win RM10,000 In Cash Effortlessly

You have to check out their new in-app 'Tracker'! :O

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Maybank.

Maybank just launched their year-end campaign and it's sooo easy to win goodies, don't say we bojio!

Prizes include the MacBook Pro, Dyson Airwrap, iPad Pro, and more. You could also be RM10,000 richer! :O

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It's called 'Tap, Track, Win' and there's a high chance you've already joined it too

All you need is the MAE app. Haven't downloaded it? Do it ASAP. ;P

Not a Maybank customer? Don't worry. Easily sign up for a MAE account — it's free.

And if you're not using the MAE app yet, you're missing out on tonnes!

You can use the MAE app to pay your bills, reload prepaid, and make DuitNow transfers seamlessly. You can even set up ASNB or Tabung Haji transfers, as well as pay Zakat Pendapatan through the app.

There are also other cool features you can use, including setting up a Tabung or ordering food via their in-app food delivery platform, Sama-Sama Lokal. You can browse from over 30,000 merchants and order food or groceries too!

All you have to do is perform an eligible transaction on the MAE app or Maybank2u, and you'll automatically earn entries to win prizes

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Here are the prizes up for grabs:

Grand Prizes:
- RM10,000 cash prizes

Special Prizes:
- Up to RM250 cash prizes
- Dyson Airwrap
- MacBook Pro
- iPad Pro
- Gold via Maybank Islamic Gold Account-i (MIGA-i)

And, here's the list of transactions that will earn you entries:
1. Pay bills
2. Pay bills via JomPAY
3. Prepaid/Game reloads
4. Scan & Pay with the MAE app
5. Pay online via FPX
6. Transfer via DuitNow
7. ASNB Transfer
8. Tabung Haji Transfer
9. Set up a MAE account and sign up for a MAE card (must be done within the same month)
10. Make an order on Sama-Sama Lokal
11. Set up a Tabung
12. Check-in the MAE app

"How many entries have I earned? How can I boost my chances?"

We asked Maybank the same questions too.

And...their 'Tracker' feature on 'Tap, Track, Win' is the answer! It basically helps to track all your progress (transactions). It's super useful and it's also why we wanna keep using MAE to earn those entries, yasss. :D

Simply launch your MAE app and tap on the 'Tap, Track, Win' widget on your dashboard. Next, complete a transaction and view your 'Trackers' to keep track of how you are actually doing.

For every transaction, you'll earn +1 entry to win a Special Prize. And, for every completed Tracker, you'll earn +1 entry to win the Grand Prize of RM10,000 in cash! There will be 50 winners for the Grand Prize, so earn those entries fast and you could be bringing home RM10,000.

It's sooo easy — it's basically just you doing your daily banking activities and automatically earning entries.

You can also check out the 'HOW TO WIN' tab on the MAE app to see what prizes you can win.

We used Scan & Pay on the MAE app to pay for our chap fan and we were greeted with this

Then, we used the 'Transfer via DuitNow' feature to pay one another to earn even more entries (you can do the same).

Don't say we didn't share tips k.

If you are just as kiasu and competitive like we are, you'll be able to win prizes every month!

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Prizes are awarded on a monthly basis and entries reset every month during the contest period, so if you've won this month, remember you can win prizes next month too.

And if you miss out on winning a prize, fret not. The Tracker will refresh again at the start of the next month.

Haven't won any prizes this December? Don't worry. Keep a lookout for even more exciting prizes in 2023. You heard it here first!

Get your game face on and challenge your friends to join 'Tap, Track, Win'. Download or launch the MAE app now to earn entries!

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