Make Your Own Digital Kolams And Send Online Deepavali Wishes Through This Cool Site

Get in on the Deepavali fun!

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Deepavali is coming soon which means that you've probably seen lots of gorgeous kolams popping up all around town

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Translating to 'row of colours', a kolam is a type of Indian folk art made from rice flour, coloured rice or sand, or even flower petals. These beautifully bright decorative designs can be simple or elaborate, and are usually made during festivals like Deepavali.

Common kolam designs include abstract geometrical shapes, complex web-like patterns, landscapes, flowers, animals, fruits, and more.

You're probably used to seeing them every year, but do you know what they actually represent?

One significance of the kolam is that it's said to stop negative energy and evil from entering your home. During Deepavali, it also serves as a visual form of prayer to the Goddess Letchumi, welcoming her into the home and asking for her blessings.

This year, Hong Leong Bank is incorporating this tradition into their festive microsite called 'Kolam of Dreams'

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They're giving you a cool new way to send festive greetings to your friends and family. On their site, you'll be able to create your very own digital kolam and attach it along with your Deepavali wishes.

So if you've ever wanted to try making a kolam of your own but have been intimidated by how complicated it looks, 'Kolam of Dreams' gives you an easier way for you to get in on the Deepavali fun!

Choose from a variety of colourful backgrounds and pen colours as well as customise the pen size. Then, just click and drag, and watch your beautiful design unfold before your eyes!

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Check out the one we made below. We're pretty proud of it hehe :D

You can browse through the designs others have made for inspiration. Here are some of our personal favourites:

Once you're done, you'll be able send it to your loved ones along with your best wishes for The Festival of Lights

And the best part is that you'll even stand the chance of winning some exciting prizes! 

Just copy your kolam's unique link and click on 'Facebook Contest'. Then, paste the link in the comment section and include the #SeedingDreams and #HLBDeepavali2019 -  it's that easy!

Hong Leong Bank wishes all Malaysians a very Happy Deepavali! Click here to get started on making your own kolam now.

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