This Website Tells You Cool Stats About M'sia, From Bestselling Cars To Popular Baby Names

FYI, the Perodua Myvi is no longer Malaysians' favourite car! :O

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Recently, an open data portal by the Malaysian government has been gaining interest among netizens

If you didn't know, there's a website called, which is Malaysia's official open data portal.

On the home page, it reads, "Your one-stop centre to browse Malaysia's wealth of open data. Whether you're a regular citizen looking for information, a researcher looking for material, or an app developer looking for an API, we've got you covered."

In fact, the website has actually been around since 2020. It was launched with an aim to utilise data in Malaysia to increase outcomes and reduce costs.

But it wasn't until a recent update, which introduced new dashboards like Car Popularity Explorer, that netizens have been taking note of this portal.

If you're kepoh about what cars Malaysians are driving, the best-selling car model in 2023 so far is...

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...the Perodua Bezza!

In fact, if the numbers follow the current trend, it looks like the Bezza will officially dethrone the Myvi, which has been Malaysia's best-selling car for the previous five years in a row.

What's cool is that the portal takes data directly from official sources like ministries and local authorities. For instance, the data above is pulled directly from the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

But that's not all. There are a lot of cool things you can explore on the open-source portal.

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For instance, you can key in your annual income and compare yourself to other taxpayers in Malaysia via the Income Taxation dashboard.

Planning for your baby's name? You can see how popular or unique each name is via the Baby Name Popularity dashboard.

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Brought to you with data directly from the National Registration Department (JPN), you'll be able to explore the stats of any Malaysian name with just a few clicks.

P.S. This dashboard is still a work in progress, but it's set to go live by the end of the month!

And if you're still feeling a little sibuk after all that, you can browse through a whole collection of curated dashboards

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This ranges from fun topics like how popular your birthday is, to cultural insights like how indigenous peoples are distributed across Malaysia.

Curious to find out fascinating insights about Malaysia, powered by analytics? Head over to today!

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