Digital QOL Report Shows That Malaysia Ranks 16th In 117 Countries For Affordable Internet

Overall, our country is ranked 6th in Asia for overall digital wellbeing.

Cover image via Unsplash/Kah Hay Chee & Unsplash/Alif Shaari

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Surfshark, a cybersecurity company known for its VPN and antivirus products, recently conducted their annual Digital Quality of Life Index

Image via Surfshark

Basically, the Digital Quality of Life Index is a study done on the quality of digital wellbeing across 117 countries or 92% of the global population.

It breaks down a country's digital aspects into five pillars, mainly; 

- Internet affordability 
- Internet quality
- Electronic infrastructure 
- Electronic security 
- Electronic government

Malaysia has one of the most affordable Internet in the world, ranking 16th among 117 countries

According to Surfshark's metrics, residents in Malaysia can buy 1GB of mobile Internet for 100 seconds of work per month, which is two times cheaper compared to Indonesia.

Moreover, broadband Internet has grown increasingly more affordable this year as compared to 2021 which means Malaysians can now work three hours and 44 minutes less to afford fixed broadband Internet service, woah! :O

However, among the five digital pillars, Malaysia ranks worst at Internet quality

Evaluating solely based on Internet speed, stability, and growth - Malaysia ranks 41st worldwide and is only 12% better than the global average. What's more, our mobile internet goes further down to 67th place (34.5 Mbps)

This is quite a drastic difference compared to our neighbours in Singapore who enjoy up to 104 Mbps, ranking them fifth in Internet quality among 117 countries worldwide.

Nevertheless, out of 117 countries, Malaysia ranks 38th for overall digital wellbeing

Image via Surfshark

Malaysia still managed to make it to the top 40 globally this year despite dropping seven positions since last year's edition, falling from 31st to 38th.

Out of all five digital pillars, Malaysia's weakest spot is Internet quality, which would need to improve by 40% to match the best-ranking country's result, Chile.

Explore Surfshark's full Digital Quality of Life report here

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