[VIDEO] Why In The World Is 'Paskal' Actor Hairul Azreen Flexing His Biceps? Let's Watch!

It's giving Johnny Bravo vibes.

Cover image via Maybank

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You probably know Malaysian actor and stuntman Hairul Azreen from his bevy of action films

Image via Maybank

Best known for appearing in action films like The AssistantPaskal The Movie, and Polis Evo 2, he's always caught up in fight scenes, often serving some pretty complicated moves. 

However, a yellow-clad Hairul was recently seen in a video that appeared to show him in a different light from his usual onscreen bad boy persona — you'll still get to watch him flex his buff biceps though :P

It's quite a departure from his more serious action movie roles, which is all the more reason to catch him goof off in this funny clip.

Watch the video below:

Throughout the video, Hairul can be seen effortlessly doing bicep curls

Image via Maybank

Almost every scene shows the action star flexing his muscles à la Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo, even when it's caring for his furry feline friend and potted plant

Image via Maybank

Speaking of kitties, look at this little cutie, hehe

Image via Maybank

Look at Hairul go! Hands up if you're always trying to squeeze in any form of movement throughout random moments of your day too. ;P

Image via

Gotta maximise those gains, heheh. 

So, what is up with this video anyway, hmm? Well, Hairul has found a product from Maybank that is totally worth flexing for. :P

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