This M'sian Action Thriller Is Set For A World Premiere At Italy's Far East Film Festival

The annual film festival is considered one of the most important events promoting Asian cinema in Europe.

Cover image via MIFFest (Provided to SAYS)

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If you're a fan of high-octane cinema, you might want to check out local thriller The Assistant

The movie revolves around Zafik (played by ledil Dzuhrie Alaudin), who is out from prison after he was wrongfully imprisoned.

His world is turned upside down, but then he meets Feroz (played by Hairul Azreen), an unexpected assistant seemingly appearing at all the right moments of the innocent ex-convict's life.

Together, the duo try to avenge Zafik's family. However, only time will reveal Feroz's true intentions. Will the assistant make or break Zafik?

Watch the trailer here:

You know what else is cool about The Assistant? Directed by Adrian Teh, the Malaysian movie has been officially selected to compete at the 24th Udine Far East Film Festival (FEFF), hurrah!

The film stars ledil Dzuhrie Alaudin (left) and Hairul Azreen.

Image via MIFFest (Provided to SAYS)

Considered one of the most important events promoting Asian cinema in Europe, the FEFF is an annual film festival held in Udine, Italy. 

This also means that the homegrown movie will be making its world premiere in the European country when the festival takes place from 22 to 30 April. 

Directed, written, and produced by Teh, whose past work includes Paskal: The Movie and Wira, The Assistant is made in collaboration between Act 2 Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment Malaysia.

"I am honored to be recognised by the Far East Film Festival, with the great support from Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest). We are looking forward to the world premiere of The Assistant, and we hope that the audience in Udine will enjoy our film," said Teh.

From left: Henley Hii, who plays the role of Sam, main actors ledil Dzuhrie Alaudin and Hairul Azreen, and director Adrian Teh.

Image via MIFFest (Provided to SAYS)

This year also marks the first collaboration between the MIFFest and the FEFF in Italy

From second left: Joanne Goh, Bront Palarae, and Adrian Teh.

Image via MIFFest (Provided to SAYS)

Together, the two festivals hope that the exchange will pave the way for new milestones in their respective film industries.

"I was thrilled to receive the news that The Assistant has been selected for competition and have its international premiere at the Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy," said MIFFest chairperson Joanne Goh, adding that it's always been part of the platform's philosophy to showcase the best of Malaysian cinema to the international film industry.

Catch The Assistant in cinemas nationwide from 19 May.

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