Looking For A Secondhand Car But Not Sure Where To Start? This Website Can Help You

They'll even handle the ownership transfer, car inspection, and financing arrangements for you.

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Buying a secondhand car can be pretty daunting because there are so many factors that you have to consider

Some of the challenges include not knowing how to determine the price and condition of the car, or where to even buy your secondhand car. Plus, trying to figure out if car parts have been replaced and if modifications were made can be sooo pening, amirite?

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Nevertheless, it's important to take all these factors into account before buying a secondhand car because they can affect the cost, efficiency, and safety of your vehicle. If the vehicle you want to purchase isn't in good condition, you will definitely incur more costs trying to fix it later on. :/

However, now that we're all advised to continue staying home, it might be even harder to check on the condition of the secondhand vehicles you've got your eye on.

If you're looking for a trustworthy platform where you can buy a secondhand car, has the solution to your problems! is one of Malaysia's largest online marketplaces. They've recently partnered with MUV, Malaysia’s first end-to-end vehicle bidding platform, to create the Mudah Vehicle Inspection and Protection (mVIP) programme that aims to give car buyers some peace of mind.

With over 60,000 cars for sale on the platform and MUV's network of trained inspectors, you'll be able to find a secondhand car that fits your needs and budget.

The mVIP programme provides buyers with an unbiased report on the true condition of the vehicle that you plan to buy

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The true condition of a used car has been the biggest problem for buyers and sellers, and that's what the mVIP programme aims to solve. By launching mVIP, wants to create a transparent and trusted used car marketplace, so you'll know the exact condition of every car listed on the platform. 

This report by MUV includes:
- Year of model
- Actual car details
- Owner's details
- Whether the car is accident-free
- Mileage
- And many more

With the thorough report from the mVIP programme, not only can you double-confirm the quality and state of your secondhand vehicle, you can triple-confirm it too! What's even better is that you can purchase an Extended Warranty through the mVIP programme. Wah, buying a secondhand car has never been easier, and you can do it all online. 

Eh, that's not all! and MUV will handle everything else for you when you purchase a secondhand car through their platform.

All you gotta do is pay a small fixed fee, and they'll handle the ownership transfer (JPJ), car inspection (PUSPAKOM), and financing arrangements for you. No need to scratch your head and worry too much already lah! :p

Buying your next car has never been easier with and MUV, kan?

Ready to buy your very own secondhand car? Just head over to this website, or download the app!

Don't forget to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for more information!

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