Here's Why You Should Consider Using Smart Locks To Make Your Home Safer

You can even unlock the door with your voice!

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What are smart locks, and why do you need them?

Smart locks are devices with built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that allow you to lock and unlock doors without a traditional key. Instead, you can use your smartphone, or in some cases, your voice, to access your door.

The cool thing about smart locks is that they add another layer of security to your home. Many smart locks come with features like auto-lock settings and entry codes to enhance your house's security experience. Smart locks even allow remote access, so you can let a guest in while you're out by unlocking the door remotely.

As the brand that first invented the lock 181 years ago, Yale continues to innovate with smart locks and safes to keep you and your family safe <3

Almost two centuries ago, Yale became the first company to introduce the lock that has kept us and our families safe all these years. Now, Yale is taking it one step further with Smart Locks!

Feeling safe and secure in your own home is priceless, which is why Yale wants to give you protection for your home, and peace for your mind when it comes to home security. From smart locks that are fingerprint-activated to RFID Card digital door locks, Yale provides you with awesome options to safe-proof your house. 

What's cool is that you can access all your smart home devices using the Yale Access mobile app that comes with an encrypted cloud for maximum security

Image via Yale Australia

With just a tap on your smartphone, you'll be able to control your smart locks and safes remotely, allowing you to manage your devices at your own convenience! Whether you're at work, or out to do the groceries, you can rest assured that Yale's got your back.

Besides that, you can even integrate Yale's home security devices with your existing smart home system, like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistance, and even Apple Homekit, wah! Pretty cool, right?

Here's a look at some of the smart devices you can get for your home:

1. The Yale YDM 7220A offers a top-of-the-line security system that comes equipped with a variety of alarms

This Smart Lock has many useful features, like the Voice Guide Feature and the Automatic Locking feature which is super handy in case you forget to lock the front door. Besides that, you can even access this lock via fingerprint, PIN code, RFID key tag, or even your phone!

Also, it can store up to 100 different fingerprints. So, if you're living with a huge family, this feature is perfect for that.

You can also access this Smart Lock remotely with the Yale Access mobile app for more convenience.

2. You can remotely access and manage your Yale Smart Lock from your smartphone with the Yale Access App

With the Yale Access app, connecting and managing your Smart Locks, Smart Safe, Smart Safety Box, Smart Cabinet Locks, and Smart Storage from your smartphone will be a breeze.

You can lock and unlock your smart devices, share access with trusted family or friends, view access history, receive notifications on the lock’s activity, and check the lock’s battery life from wherever you are. 

The app works with the Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge to keep you on top of your lock’s status and operate it remotely.

What’s more, Yale Access products integrate seamlessly with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit, among many other smart home devices, to offer security and convenience in your day-to-day life!

3. Need a safe place to stow away your valuables? Check out the Yale Smart Safe.

We all need a secure place to keep any expensive items we may have lying around the house. That's why this safe is a great bet. 

This device comes with an electronic lock with a digital keypad, and reinforced steel hinges for maximum protection and security.

Additionally, it is equipped with armoured steel plates that protect this safe's locking mechanism, so you won't have to worry about anyone breaking in!

4. Wanna know how Yale products work? Experience going keyless and remote accessing smart home products at the Yale Smart Shop.

If you're new to buying door locks, the whole process can be quite overwhelming, especially if it's your first time. To understand how Yale Smart Locks and Yale's wide range of smart products work, the Yale Smart Shop can give you a first-hand experience on keyless home entry and remote access to other smart products!

IPC Shopping Centre
- Yale Smart Shop Johor (Kempas) 

Looking for a fuss-free and convenient way to safe-proof your home? Check out Yale Smart Shop for smart devices that will elevate your home security system.

They've even got some awesome bundle deals, so go visit their website now to enjoy cool discounts! Don't forget to head over to their Facebook page for more deets.

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