This New Postpaid Plan Will Definitely Change The Way You Use Data

No need to buy extra data already.

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Do you always have to control your data usage so you don't run out of it?

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You can't browse Instagram, stream videos or play PUBG and Mobile Legends in peace and you always need to ask for WiFi passwords just to save your data. 

Don't need to live that sad life anymore, U Mobile has got you covered.

Change the way you use data with the GILER UNLIMITED GX50 postpaid plan by never having to worry about your data usage anymore! 

U Mobile is offering unlimited data all day every day for literally anything with the new GX50 postpaid plan

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You read that right, literally ANYTHING.

There are no app restrictions, and that means you can even stream unlimited videos on YouTube, get on Facebook, play games and more without worrying about exceeding your data usage.

No need to worry about that weekend/weekday data allocation nonsense either.

Not convinced yet? You also have unlimited calls to all networks with no extra charges

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Enjoy free calls too so you can talk, talk, and talk again without feeling like money is flying out of your pocket.

Best of all: It's only RM50 per month!

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You definitely don't have to break your bank just for unlimited data now.

Psst... if you sign up for the GX50 postpaid plan online now, you can get up to RM10 rebates every month!

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Keep your existing number and switch to the Giler Unlimited GX50 Postpaid Plan online to get the rebates!

Offer ends on 30 September 2018.

Find out more about the Giler Unlimited GX50 Postpaid Plan here

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