You Can Nominate A 'Lejen' By Sharing Wholesome Stories Of Grab Drivers Or Delivery Riders

Story submissions began on 19 July and will run until 30 September.

Cover image via Tech Wire Asia & New Straits Times

Do you remember the time when a GrabFood rider went an extra 20km to deliver food to a woman in Puchong for free because of an address mix-up?

In this story, the woman was touched by the compassion shown by the GrabFood rider who went out of his way to deliver food to her despite her getting her work and home addresses mixed up.

The GrabFood driver expressed sadness and concern over the customer not receiving her dinner that night, and proceeded to deliver the order all the way to her house for free.

Or how about the time when a GrabFood rider hugged a man in tears after they broke fast together and he received duit Raya?

As showcased from a TikTok video, the GrabFood rider seemed hesitant to accept the customer's offer — but eventually went along with it just as the azan for Maghrib prayers and breaking of fast is heard in the background of the video.

As they were dining, the customer got up from his table to write him a small note with some cash inside to show his appreciation for the rider. The rider in turn, shed tears and proceeded to hug the man.

These are the type of Grab stories that you can tell the world. 

As part of Grab's 10th year anniversary, they will be running an entirely crowdsourced Grab Lejen initiative that lets users pick and tell their favourite Grab driver or rider story—

The purpose of this act is to honour and reward them for their exceptional services to go above and beyond to serve Malaysians nationwide.

From now till 30 September 2022, Grab users will be able to submit their heartwarming stories of choice on their website.

The 'Lejen' stories open for voting beginning on 15 October until 15 November 2022

Image via Grab

As it is entirely crowdsourced, the stories submitted by users will be entirely authentic and based on their own experiences.

In addition to that, once the submission period ends — users can look into different stories and vote for the one that feels most heartwarming to them!

Rashid Shukor, Director of Country Operations and Mobility at Grab Malaysia said that as a homegrown company striving for positive social impact — they want to recognise and enable these exemplary acts of service by their drivers for many more years to come

According to Rashid, this initiative, which started in 2021 is a testament to the selfless acts that their delivery partners carry out every day.

"Since its inauguration last year, we’ve seen incredible acts of kindness from our driver- and delivery-partners. Heartwarming and compassionate stories like these are a breath of fresh air and a true testament to the incredible selfless nature of our partners, who despite enduring hardships in their everyday lives, still find it in themselves to be unselfishly kind to those around them." said Rashid.

Meet Rizuam Bin Abd. Karim, the winner of 2021's Grab 'Lejen'

Image via Grab

Rizuam's story was one to remember, as he is remembered as the driver who tirelessly delivered orders despite having hearing impairments.

Upon learning about the initiative continuing on this year, Rizuam was extremely supportive.
It seems that Rizuam is excited to see that the initiative is alive and kicking.

"I'm glad Grab has decided to continue Grab Lejen this year. The world needs more positivity and that starts from us. When one person does a good deed, the next person will also do it, and this is exactly how positive actions are spread. If I can do it, surely anyone can," he said.

Have a touching Grab driver or delivery partner story that you want to share? You can submit your 'Lejen' stories today through their Grab Lejen page!

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