The New OPPO A92 Offers Flagship Standard Dual Stereo Speakers

The first in its price range to offer Dual Stereo Speakers, 48MP Ultra HD Main Camera, 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM, 18w fast charge and more!

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The recently launched OPPO A92 is the perfect all-round device for everyone

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Not only does it look stylish and effortlessly trendy, it also includes the most advanced technology to make your daily life easier.

With it, you'll be able to take stunning photos and videos, as well as enjoying powerful and seamless performance, all while never having to worry about running out of battery.

The most impressive thing about this new OPPO smartphone is undoubtedly its amazing photography and videography capabilities.

First up, there's the 48MP Ultra HD Main Camera that lets you discover every detail

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With the 1/2" Extra-large Sensor, the main camera delivers high-resolution imaging and improved resolving capabilities. Enjoy shooting from new perspectives that result in images with incredibly detailed clarity. Even when you crop the photos or zoom in, the quality won't be compromised.

Then, there's the 16MP Front Camera that'll totally transform your selfie game

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The 16MP Front Camera also includes a f/20 large-aperture lens. Together, this ensures you get the best selfies, even under various lighting conditions. OPPO has also improved their self-developed AI Beautification.

Now, it's able to detect your personal features, automatically match different skin tones, and create a smoother contour effect. So, no matter where you are or what the lighting is like, your selfies will be flawless and totally Insta-worthy, letting you flaunt your own style.

When you combine the 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle Lens with the Ultra-Night Mode 2.0, that's when the magic truly happens

The OPPO A92 allows for multiple lenses to be used. When used together, the algorithms of both the Ultra-Wide Angle Lens and the Ultra-Night Mode 2.0 are superimposed to achieve overall optimisation.

Forget about struggling to fit a stunning scene within a single photo. The Ultra-Wide Angle Lens can capture incredibly wide images of up to 119.1°, with minimal distortion.

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And with the Ultra-Night Mode 2.0, you'll truly be able to capture the beauty of the night. It has an aperture lens of f/1.79, along with increased photosensitivity. This allows it to take photos of gorgeous night scenes, even beyond what human eyes can see.

The Ultra-Night Mode 2.0 uses a combination of various technologies, such as multi-frame noise reduction and HDR technology, to optimise qualities such as noise reduction, anti-shake, highlight suppression, and dynamic range enhancement.

You can even use the night mode while taking portraits at night! Facial brightness will be appropriately adjusted, as the person in the photo will be processed separately from the background. This ensures that your face won't be overexposed or too dark.

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As for night scene photos taken in handheld mode, they'll stay clean and clear, as they're created by combining three to eight images of different dimness. Plus, the Ultra-Wide Angle Lens supports the Ultra-Night Mode 2.0, allowing you to take better photos in a large and dim scene.

So, whether you're snapping pics in the sunlight or having a fun night out, the OPPO A92 will deliver stunning results! Your photos won't be overexposed under bright light and will stay clear in the dark.

The OPPO A92 also has all kinds of videography capabilities that allow you to shoot professional quality videos with just a smartphone

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It comes with Ultra-Steady Video, which supports 4K high-quality video shooting. And with the further adjustments the OPPO A92 will make, the basic effects of your videos will be significantly enhanced. This means clearer videos with more vivid colours and no latency!

And with EIS Anti-Shake, you'll be able to enjoy more stable video recording, as well as shoot moving subjects with ease. There are also fun new video functions such as wide-angle and 120fps slow-motion.

You can even practice your video editing skills with SOLOOP, an app that's super simple to use. Even beginners will be able to easily create amazing videos!

Independently developed by ColorOS, SOLOOP is the perfect tool for those just starting to explore video editing. Not only does it smartly analyse videos and capture rhythms in the background music, you can also choose from a variety of video filters and colour styles to create movie-like effects.

Plus, you can even generate 3D LUT profiles using film industry-grade colour grading technology! With SOLOOP, you'll be making all kinds of awesome short videos with just one tap.

Besides the impressive photography and videography capabilities, another highlight of the OPPO A92 is its faster and smoother performance

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OPPO has made improvements to ensure that the A92 is the perfect on-the-go device for all users. This includes equipping it with a brand new operation system with more customised features.

The A92 comes with OPPO's latest iteration of their customised Android 10-based operating system—the ColorOS 7.1. This new system uses a lightweight designing and visual language, which further simplifies the user interface and allows it to focus more on core functions.

The graphics and audio effects have also been enhanced, creating a more intuitive experience. New features have been added as well, to make sure that the OPPO A92 is able to swiftly handle all daily tasks. For example, the addition of UI FIRST technology keeps the system running smoothly and makes sure that apps open quickly.

The OPPO A92's innovative design doesn't just look great, it also makes it more comfortable to hold

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Everything about this smartphone was inspired by the polar area. Flip it over and you'll see a stunning back cover that looks just like the changing of the magnificent polar sky from day to night. The quiet polar night, the shining Milky Way, and the dancing Aurora are all beautifully depicted.

The four rear cameras are arranged in the shape of the letter C, in order to mimic a stunning constellation in the night sky. They're strategically located along the well-placed light streaks and shimmer with every move, to truly bring that star-like effect to life.

And with 3D Quad-curve design, the OPPO A92's curvature on the back is greatly optimised. This really makes a difference when you hold it. You can definitely feel how smooth it is, and it even has an ergonomic grip, while only weighing 192g.

It has 8GB RAM LPDDR4X memory + 128GB storage, so you'll never have to worry about running out of space

Store all your precious memories without worrying about losing them and download all the apps you want. The OPPO A921's continuous reading performance has been improved by 61%, letting it install apps and copy files at faster speeds. It's even able to support running multiple apps and games at the same time.

With its large battery and fast charging capabilities, you can use your phone all day long

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The 5000mAh Battery guarantees all-day use and reliable long-lasting battery life, even when used at high intensity. Enjoy using your phone more, without having to charge so often!

And even when the battery does eventually get low, you can charge it back to full in no time, thanks to the 18W Fast Charge. The OPPO A92 also supports reverse charging, so you can help to charge a friend's phone.

Hyper Boost and Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 help to save even more battery, while also reducing lag and ensuring that the overall system runs more smoothly

These features allow the OPPOA92 to allocate system resources more quickly and efficiently, based on what you're currently doing. No matter what you're using the phone for, it'll be able to adapt to your behaviour, as well as increase the speed of apps and games.

Enjoy convenient features like Dark Mode, Smart Sidebar, and being able to listen to videos even when the screen is off

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We all know that it's not good to be staring at our phones all day long, so it's important to do what we can to protect our eyes. Not only does the OPPO A92 have a Dark Mode, it's also accompanied by an Eye Care Mode, providing comfort for your eyes and reducing overall power consumption.

There are also other modes that will help you better separate your work from your personal life, while also protecting your privacy when you share your phone with others. For example, users using the same app cannot view or change other users' app data.

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The real-time Privacy Protection also automatically reacts whenever a third-party app requests access to the microphone/camera or for location-detecting permission. An icon will pop up in the status bar, and you can just swipe down to disable the corresponding permission.

Meanwhile, Smart Sidebar is like your personal onscreen drawer, in which you can store all the apps you need for faster access. The upgraded floating window supports more apps and is also more convenient to use. Plus, you can now enter Split Screen in just two simple steps: just slide your finger to bring out the sidebar, and then drag out the app you want to use.

The magnificent screen with 1080 Neo-Display will completely transform how you view things on your phone

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This next-level flagship design gives the OPPO A92 a 90.5% ultra-high screen-to-body ratio and offers amazing visual effects, all while consuming less power and still taking care of your eyes.

With LTPS (Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon) technology, the screen has a 1080P resolution and up to 405 PPI pixel density. This exceeds what the human eyes can recognize, which means that you'll be able to enjoy a more immersive viewing experience on everything from watching videos to playing games.

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You can even clearly read what's on your screen under the usually-blinding strong sunlight, thanks to the AI backlight adjustment algorithm. It's able to learn from your manual adjustment habits and then automatically provide individualised backlight adjustment.

What's more, the aforementioned Eye Care Mode is certified by TüV Rheinland, and can effectively filter out the blue light of the screen. So, you won't have to worry about harmful effects on your eyes.

To match the amazing screen, the audio functions have also been upgraded, in terms of both hardware and software

The OPPO A92 is equipped with super-linear Dual Stereo Speakers on both the top and bottom, creating a surround sound effect. It also comes with Dirac 2.0 Sound Effect, which allows it to automatically identify what you're listening to and switch between the appropriate effects for music, videos, games, and more.

And finally, unlocking your phone is now easier than ever, thanks to the OPPO A92's Side Fingerprint Unlock feature

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Both the Power Button and the Finger Recognition Button are placed together on one side of the phone. This makes it perfect to handle with one hand, and you can even unlock it without having to pick up the phone. This new Side Fingerprint Unlock actually as a higher recognition rate than the usual on-screen fingerprint unlocking, so it unlocks your phone even faster.

And by putting the unlock feature on the side of the phone, OPPO is able to keep the back cover of the A92 simple and intact. This helps to maintain it as a trendy device with a slim and on-the-go body. Plus, you won't have to smudge your screen with fingerprints when unlocking.

Wanna find out more about the OPPO A92? Check out more deets over at OPPO's website!

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