Pokémon GO Has Been Knocked Off Its #1 Spot

The hype is fading away and Niantic better quickly do something about it.

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Earlier in August, it was reported that more than 15 million users have dropped out from Niantic's acclaimed mobile gaming app - Pokémon GO - on a daily basis

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American-based research firm Axiom Capital Management also said that engagement and time spent on the app per day has decreased significantly as well.

Well, things are not looking better for the Pokémon company because the augmented-reality game’s time as the top-grossing app at the App Store ended on Tuesday, 20 September

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Pokémon GO stayed at the top spot for 74 days and was dethroned by a familiar foe: “Clash Royale” from Finnish game maker Supercell Oy.

Sensor Tower, a research group, said that Clash Royale's resurgence was due to an update that sent "players into a spending frenzy."

While Pokémon GO's stay at the top spot was impressive, it wasn't history making. Clash of Clans was No. 1 for 347 days. Candy Crush Saga led the pack for 109 days.

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Yup, Clash Of Clans was at No. 1 for close to a year!

To make matters worse, the game has also slipped to No. 2 at the Google Playstore

Clash Royale comes in at No. 1. However, Pokémon GO still leads in the "Top Free Games" category.

San Francisco-based Niantic still remains optimistic on the health of the game

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"We recently revealed that Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 500 million times since launch, with several more countries yet to be added.

This growth has been entirely organic and we are quite happy with the massive number of ongoing users and game revenues and look forward to building and improving the game over many years," said a spokesperson for the company.

Niantic recently launched the Pokémon GO Plus, a wearable wristband that allows users to play the game without constantly checking on their phones

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The USD35 (RM144) wristband grants players the ability to capture Pokémon and hit Pokéstops with the tap of a physical button.

Hopefully the new updates that include trading would help the app!

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