Trading And Legendaries Might Be Included In The Next Pokémon GO Update

This is going to be huge.

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Niantic has released a number of updates for Pokémon GO, but none of them brought new features that'll prevent users from ditching the game.

However, it looks like Niantic is planning to change that with upcoming updates!

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By digging into the Pokémon GO codes, Redditors have discovered several major hints that suggests Niantic is laying the groundwork to support new features including trading and rare Pokémon

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Redditors on this Pokémon GO thread are suggesting that Niantic will let users search for Pokémon and trade them with other users. Phrases like “Trade Search” and “Trade Offer” have been discovered in the code.

New store items are expected to include in the updates to come

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"Cool Incense and Floral Incense" can be seen in the code of the newest version of Pokémon GO. The incenses will apparently let players attract specific Pokémon to a location.

It appears that legendary Pokémon like Mew and Mewtwo are also en route!

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The game’s code includes a new placeholder called “Activity Catch Legend Pokemon" seems to indicate that gamers will be able to catch rare Pokémon in the near future. Although how and where they’ll be caught remains a mystery, Niantic has hinted the existence of Mewtwo in the game trailer.

Last but not least, playing the game in VR (Virtual Reality) will become a reality soon!

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Finally, a new VR folder has been found in the game’s code, and it references Google CardBoard. That means playing Pokemon in VR will become a reality soon enough, although we can’t help but wonder if that’s really a safe way to play the popular mobile game.

Although there isn't any confirmation yet from Niantic regarding the updates, we're hoping that it would be worth the wait!

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Niantic better roll out the updates soon before more users ditch the game!

This Singaporean became the first person in South East Asia to capture all 145 Pokémon!

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