9 Affordable Projectors You Can Get Online To Create Your Own Private Cinema At Home

Quarantine and chill.

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Note: Prices listed in this article are accurate at the time of writing.

If you're always watching movies on a laptop or phone, then you could consider getting a projector

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Projectors can be a good upgrade, especially if you want to watch movies on a larger screen but don't want the commitment of a big TV. You can also use them to project games from your phone.

There are many types of projectors out there that range from low to high quality with different price points. Some things to look out for are the resolution, throw distance, and contrast ratio, to name a few. 

But if all those terms are too confusing, you could also check reviews and make sure that you're purchasing from trusted sellers. 

We've put together a list of projectors you can get online that have reasonably good reviews on them and won't break the bank:

1. STANSIO x Mirval (RM237.50 - RM395.90)

Image via Lazada

This projector has three different versions: Basic (RM237.50), Mirroring (RM277.10), and Android (RM395.90).

All of the models support HDMI, VGA, USB, and TF card connections. They also come with an in-built sound system that several reviews say is pretty decent. Optionally, there's a 3.5mm audio port for you to attach external speakers as well.

You can get it here.

2. ARMaX M-19 Home Cinema (RM799.91 - RM981.89)

Image via faizulct/Shopee
Image via Shopee

If you're looking for a mid-range projector with great reviews, this is a good choice. It comes with dual Dolby audio support speakers and a 12-month warranty. There are two models: Basic (RM799.91) and Android (RM981.89).

Both models support VGA, HDMI, USB, USB 5V, SD card, and AV. They also include 3.5mm audio ports for you to attach external speakers. Both versions offer 1080p Full HD. Several customers rave about the clarity when screening movies. 

You can get them here.

3. Xiaomi Wanbo T2 Free and T2 Max (RM398 - RM788)

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Image via XiaomiPlanet
Image via Shopee

This cute compact projector has two models: T2 Free (RM406.90) and T2 Max (RM698). They're said to be pretty light and easy to carry.

The T2 Max allows you to connect to WiFi and Bluetooth, and comes with its own built-in Android system. While the T2 Free is more of a basic model that needs to be connected to a laptop with an HDMI cable or USB.

Both models are equipped with in-built speakers on each side, as well as a 3.5mm audio input if you want to connect it to other speakers or headphones.

You can get it here or here.

4. Mirval K8 Basic (RM257.30)

Image via Sharan M/Lazada
Image via Tara E/Lazada

The Mirval K8 basic version can be easily hooked up to a laptop or USB. For its price, reviews mention that it offers pretty decent quality and sound. Other than movies, you can also project games from your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 and play on a larger screen.

You can get it here.

5. Portable LED Android Projector (RM319.90 - RM499)

Image via rai2882/Shopee

Here's another option that offers decent quality. You can connect this Android projector to your phone or laptop. It comes in both black and white.

Other than this version, there's a basic model (Official Standard - RM216.90) with an HDMI port. Or you can opt for the Multiscreen model (RM263.90) that supports WiFi and multiple screens.

You can get them
here or here.

6. MiniBeam Ultra Portable Mini LED Pico Projector (RM129 - RM139)

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee
Image via syada/Shopee

For a more budget-friendly option, this small projector can be an option. It doesn't have an extremely perfect resolution, so just prepare your expectations that you pay for what you get. Some reviews say that it works fine if it's just for cartoons or videos.

It has its own USB and HDMI port along with a remote control. Take note that you will need to get your own HDMI cable to connect it, as this doesn't include one.

It comes in two colours: yellow and white (RM129) and black and white (RM139).

You can get it here or here.

Also, check out BANOSS YG300, which is a similar model that costs slightly more (RM157) but it includes an HDMI cable.

7. AUN AKEY6 and AKEY 6S (RM675.90 - RM860.90)

Image via AUN
Image via eudirect

This projector comes in two models: AKEY6 (RM675.90) and AKEY6S (RM860.90). Both of which support HDMI, USB, AV, VGA, SD cards, and include 3.5mm audio inputs.

The AKEY6 is the basic version while the AKEY6S has Bluetooth, WiFi, and an Android OS. Some reviews even mention that you can use it during the daytime, as the resolution is not too shabby.

You can get it here.

8. Epson EB-E10 XGA (RM1,299)

Image via Epson
Image via Epson
Image via aliemohd/Shopee

Epson has been known for its extensive range of printers and projectors. There are various models under the brand, depending on your preference.

This particular model is considered one of the more affordable options that can help create a comfy home theatre. It includes a two-year warranty, an in-built speaker, USB and HDMI ports, along with a split-screen option. In addition, it also comes with an HDMI cable.

You can get it here.

9. LUMOS RAY Home Cinema Projector (RM778)

Image via LUMOS
Image via LUMOS

Having first launched in Singapore by Malaysians, LUMOS sells projectors, whether it's for work or for you to create a little cinema at home. There are two different models, the LUMOS Ray being the more compact one.

It comes in two versions: Regular (RM599) and Smart (RM778). If you want WiFi, in-built Netflix and YouTube, as well as phone casting apps, go for the Smart model as the Regular version does not include those features. The Regular requires an external input like laptop/USB/TV box/consoles etc.

Both models support HDMI, VGA, and USB but only the Smart version has Bluetooth. All LUMOS projectors come with a one-year warranty.

For a detailed review, check out this video.

You can get it here. They also sell a larger M19 model called LUMOS Auro (RM999).

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