22-Year-Old Student Creates A Pokémon Map Inspired By Malaysia That You Can Play

The trainer's starter town will be located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Cover image via m0cash/Reddit

Ever wondered what 'Pokémon' would look like in an Asian country?

Well, a Reddit user is putting that question to the test by creating a 'Pokémon' map based entirely on Malaysia.

Reddit user m0cash recently shared screenshots of a Malaysian-inspired Pokémon game that he has been working on for months using RPG Maker XP.

"Here are a few screenshots of a Pokémon game I've been working on. The region map is loosely based on my home country, Malaysia, with some changes," the post read.

Image via m0cash/Reddit

"I made the map by downloading a map of Malaysia with a transparent background and used Photoshop to colour everything according to terrains and also added the towns/routes/other locations," m0cash added in a follow-up comment.

The post has since received over 13,600 upvotes and over 500 comments.

The game will feature towns named after its Malaysian counterparts and non-playable characters (NPCs) with local names

Image via MyGameOn

However, the map will not be completely faithful to its real world standing.

The developer, 22-year-old Mokessh Kannah, told MyGameOn that the game will include places such as Tasik Chini, Pahang and Endau Rompin, Pahang - but they will be located next to each other.

Image via MyGameOn

"I'm from Seremban, [Negeri Sembilan]! That's where the player's starter town is located," Mokessh wrote in the Reddit thread.

To ensure that he can include all Pokémon from Generations I to V, Mokessh will have to include terrains that do not exist in Malaysia

"I know Malaysia doesn't have volcanoes and ice caves, but I needed to create a diverse environment to make sure all kinds of Pokémon can be found throughout the region," he explained in the thread.

Mokessh hinted that he will be adding some Easter eggs within the game as well, such as replacing the biker NPCs with 'mat rempits'.

Image via m0cash/Reddit

He added, "I could include Singapore and Brunei in a future update or something for the post game, but for now it's just gonna be Malaysia."

Follow Mokessh's Discord server for more updates.

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