Stop Using Rice To Save Your Wet iPhone, Apple Warns. Do This Instead

Apparently, it putting your iPhone in rice can cause further damage.

Cover image via Apple Explained / YouTube & cottonbro studio / Pexels

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Apple has cautioned against the age-old trick of using rice to dry a wet phone

Using rice is not an effective fix and it can cause further damage to your beloved iPhone.

Instead, Apple recommends following these steps instead to dry your wet iPhone

Step 1: Gently tap the iPhone against your hand to remove excess liquid. Then, leave it in a dry area with airflow.

Step 2: After at least 30 minutes, attempt to charge or connect to your iPhone.

Step 3: If unsuccessful, leave the iPhone in a dry area for up to 24 hours to allow it to dry completely.

Step 4: If your iPhone still doesn't charge once it's dried, disconnect the cable from the adapter and the adapter from the wall socket (if feasible), then reconnect them.

The rice hack method isn't as effective as it's popularly made out to be

Contrary to popular belief, recent tests have revealed that rice absorbs water too slowly to effectively mitigate water damage.

When it comes to salvaging a wet iPhone, speed is crucial. Hopefully, the method recommended by Apple does the trick.

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