The Jabra Speak2 55 Speakerphone Makes Calls Simple And Flawless

It's also a great speaker for music!

Cover image via Syazwan Bahri/SAYS

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While online meetings have practically become a norm these days, a common problem faced with them is unclear audio

Whether it's someone struggling with their mic or an unreliable Internet connection causing lags, it's not uncommon to face some sort of interference during meetings.

Danish audio specialist Jabra has introduced a solution: The Jabra Speak2 55 speakerphone. This device aims to enhance the experience of conference calls, making them more seamless and efficient.

It's small enough to fit in most bags or pockets.

Image via Syazwan Bahri/SAYS

This portable speakerphone is both sleek in design and lightweight in construction, making it the ultimate travel companion

With its robust build and intuitive touch-sensitive controls elegantly positioned around the rim, operating this device is effortless.

Once powered on, the speakerphone emanates a captivating glow. The mesmerising ring encircling the speaker illuminates in vibrant green, revealing the battery level at a glance, or into a radiant white, dynamically showcasing the volume level.

It also comes equipped with four advanced beamforming microphones that effectively eliminate background noise and capture voices from every direction

This ensures that audio being projected from the speaker is crystal-clear for every participant in the room.

To further enhance the listening experience, the speakerphone incorporates voice level normalisation technology, which regulates the volume of all voices, regardless of their distance from the device or their individual volume levels. This creates a harmonious and balanced audio environment.

However, it is important to note that those speaking should maintain a natural volume for the microphones to pick up their voices accurately.

That beautiful green glow is simply mesmerising.

Image via Syazwan Bahri/SAYS

Unlike traditional speakerphones that often face one-way communication challenges, the Speak2 range introduces full duplex audio functionality. This means that participants can engage in simultaneous conversations, allowing for uninterrupted and seamless communication. Everyone can speak and be heard effortlessly.

Bring it anywhere you'd like: Office, meeting room, living room, even the toilet if you're so inclined

While the Speak2 55 is meant to be a serious tool for conference calls, it can also double as a music speaker so you can listen to your favourite tunes in your downtime.

With its powerful full-range 50mm speaker, the Speak2 55 is capable of filling medium-sized conference rooms with high-quality, immersive audio. This not only enhances the overall sound experience during conferences, but also lets you enjoy your favourite music with exceptional clarity.

For those in need of a top-notch portable speakerphone for conference calls or music enjoyment, the Jabra Speak2 55 is an outstanding option

Its compact and sleek design, coupled with exceptional audio performance and intuitive features, makes it an attractive choice for individuals who value seamless connectivity and productivity while on the move.

With a competitive price tag of RM1,180, this device is a worthwhile investment and a fantastic upgrade for your regular meetings. 

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