6 Things Potterheads Can Look Forward To In The 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' Mobile Game

The augmented reality game from Pokémon GO's Niantic has reached public testing in Australia and New Zealand.

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UPDATE: 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' will start its worldwide rollout from Friday, 21 June

Unfortunately, the first round will see a release in United States and United Kingdom for now.

There is no confirmed release date from Niantic or Portkey Games on when the game will be released in other countries, specifically Malaysia.

The long-awaited augmented reality mobile game 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' from the 'Pokémon GO' developer entered public testing in late April

Image via Niantic

Gamers in Australia and New Zealand were among the first to get their hands on the much-anticipated mobile game.

Niantic co-developed 'Wizards Unite' with Portkey Games, a game label from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment dedicated entirely to J.K. Rowling's imagined Wizarding World.

Here are six things we know about 'Wizards Unite' so far:

1. Players have complete control over their wizard avatar, down to your wand core and flexibility

All players will be issued a "Ministry ID", which displays their username and all other details related to their avatar.

In the initial start of the game, users can choose their Hogwarts House, their profession, and also customise their wand - right down to its flexibility and core.

2. The game has a truly magical look and feel to it

In place of Pokéstops and Gyms, players will instead find 'Inns' and 'Fortresses'. Cheery, village music plays in the background, while the occasional owl can be spotted flying around the map.

At an Inn, players will be able to cast a spell to get food which replenishes your "spell energy". This energy is needed to, well, cast spells.

Not much is known about Fortresses yet, but according to iMore, it is believed that these places will be filled with AI-controlled foes which players can take on alone or in a group.

"Each Fortress appears to have 20 floors (or chambers) and each floor is harder than the last, and some even have a level requirements," explained iMore's Luke Filipowicz.

3. The aim of the game is for players to return Foundables back to the Ministry of Magic by casting spells

Players take on the role of a volunteer on the Statute of Secrecy task force, which has been charged with containing a disastrous Calamity.

"Everything that anyone has ever feared, revered, or held dear in the wizarding world - people, things, even memories - have been stolen and displaced, tossed about across the world," says Constance Pickering, a member of the task force during the game's introduction.

"Foundables" are the things that have gone missing, and these are trapped by a chaotic magic known as "Confoundables".

By casting spells, players repel the Confoundables and release the Foundables back to its rightful place.

4. The Registry is basically a player's magical Pokédex

According to Harry Potter Wiki, the Registry is divided into four parts:
- Exploration, which is the main category and is divided into 10 categories,
- Challenges,
- Mysteries, which sheds some light on the Calamity, and
- Events Info, which is not yet available.

Recovered Foundables will be added to the Registry as "stickers" and fall into one of the 10 available categories. These categories include:
- Care of Magical Creatures,
- Dark Arts,
- Hogwarts School,
- Legends of Hogwarts,
- Ministry of Magic,
- Magizoology,
- Magical Games and Sports,
- Mysterious Artefacts,
- Wonders of the Wizarding World, and
- Oddities.

5. Players will be able to brew potions in the game

Players can start brewing potions once they've reached Level 4 in the game. These potions can be used to help your progress in the game, from giving you extra Wizarding XP to reducing the likelihood of a Confoundable fleeing

To make these potions, players will need to find the right ingredients. While walking around the real world map, ingredients may randomly pop up for players to collect, or they can drop by a "Greenhouse" - similar to an Inn - to collect random ingredients.

6. There are three 'Professions' for you to choose from, each led by a familiar face from the series

Image via Twitter @kjwx

Once players reach Level 6, they will be able to choose a "Profession". There are three to choose from, and each one will have its own pros and cons.

The three professions are:
- Auror, led by none other than Harry Potter himself,
- Magizoologist, led by the lovable giant Hagrid, and
- Professor, led by the formidable Professor McGonagall.

Professions can be changed at any time throughout the game, so there's no need to think too hard about which one to subscribe to. iMore reported that each Profession has a skill tree, which players can advance by using spellbooks and scrolls.

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for the 'Wizards Unite' yet

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Android users can already pre-register on the Google Play Store in the meantime. 

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