This Aesthetic LG Self-Service Water Purifier Comes With Filters You Can Easily Change

It features a straightforward twist-and-pull mechanism for the filters.

Cover image via LG (Provided to SAYS) & Yaroslav Shuraev/Pexels

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LG recently introduced its new water purifier lineup called the LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier | Objet Collection

This new device is designed and crafted to fit the modern living space, complete with its contemporary aesthetics.

The Objet water purifier features state-of-the-art water filtration

Aside from its captivating appearance, this cutting-edge product features groundbreaking tankless innovation that effortlessly provides purified water straight from the source.

Utilising the sophisticated 4-Stage All Puri Filter System, it eliminates nine categories of heavy metals, norovirus, and other detrimental pollutants to ensure your peace of mind. The innovative LG ThinQ mobile application also empowers users with one-touch control for enhanced convenience.

What's unique about this water purifier is its unique Self-Service Filter Subscription option

This subscription comes with fresh filters every six months, delivered directly to customers' homes, enabling them to easily replace filters using a straightforward twist-and-pull mechanism.

This eliminates the necessity of relying on customer support for assistance. The self-service approach also incorporates an automatic sterilisation feature, enabling users to continuously enjoy uncontaminated water without disruptions.

It also comes with nifty user-friendly features

The purifier includes a user-friendly touch display panel that allows precise water temperature (40°C, 75°C, 85°C) and volume settings from 120ml to 1,000ml, which is perfect for people who love to cook. There is also an automatic up-and-down moving tap feature to accommodate varying cup heights, eliminating splashes and ensuring safety.

LG is offering an exclusive promotion where customers will receive one free Front Cover (Blue/Pink) upon installation of the LG PuriCare Self-Service Tankless Water Purifier

Prices for the Objet Collection start from RM60 a month, or RM3,200 outright (with a two-year Self-Service Filter Subscription).

This limited-time offer will run from 1 August to 31 October, so act quickly!

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