You Could Win Thousands Of Ringgit Just By Answering Trivia Questions On This Gameshow App

Win money and increase knowledge with Dooit Live.

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How does the idea of learning new stuff about the world and getting rewarded for it in CASH sound to you?

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Sounds like a win-win proposition, if you ask us.

Enter Dooit Live, a live game show designed for the confines of your smartphone. Think college quizzes, but in app form and much more exciting.

The app, which went live recently, hosts trivia games on Mondays to Thursdays at 12pm. These games are worth RM1,000 each.

The stakes are even higher on Fridays; a total of RM2,000 is up for grabs!

The team behind Dooit Live revealed to us that night games will soon be a fixture as well, so stay tuned for that!

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Games are broadcasted live through the app as a host grills you with 11 questions in real-time. You need to be quick to answer them too – like under 10 seconds quick.

Answer all 11 questions correctly and you score a chunk of the prize pot which is shared among the winners.

Dooit Live tells us they have seen solitary winners walking home with the entire pot!

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If you get a question wrong or don't answer in time, you'll be kicked out of the game. But like all gaming mechanisms, you get second chances by using a "life".

Also referred to as PUSO, the token allows eliminated players to continue playing but can only be used for the first question up to the one before the last question.

Use them wisely as only one PUSO can be used per game

Now, for some good news. We have a promo code for you to gain an extra life.

All you need to do is put in the code SAYSdooit and you'll receive a PUSO!

Dooit Live will also be launching its first themed game this Merdeka Day and they'll be giving out RM6,100 in conjunction with the country's 61 years of independence. 

All the best and remember to split your winnings with us, alright?

Dooit Live is available on iOS and Android. Keep up with updates on Facebook or visit its website here.

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