TM Is Launching 5G In Langkawi And We Managed To Sneak A Peek At Some Of Its Cool Features

TM will be rolling out the first 5G standalone network in Malaysia.

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In line with 'Digital Malaysia', TM will be bringing 5G to Pulau Langkawi and will be rolling out the first 5G standalone network in Malaysia

On 12 January 2020, TM signed Memorandums of Collaboration (MoCs) with the Langkawi Municipal Council (MPLBP) and the Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) to introduce various use cases in Langkawi that aim to provide tourists and locals with safety and convenience.

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There has been a lot of hype surrounding 5G lately, but how great is it really?

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5G promises a variety of perks, including increased download speeds. With a 5G network, you'll be able to download up to 20GB per second, which is equivalent to one movie a second.

Besides an increase in speed, 5G's low-latency will also enable a lower lag time, which means that you can finally bid goodbye to choppy video calls or jittery computer games.

Additionally, a 5G network consumes less power on devices, enabling their battery life to last longer so you won't have to rush to charge your laptop after just one hour.

Moreover, the network will also be able to support up to one million devices per square kilometre, allowing more people to stay connected at the same time.

We managed to check out some of the use cases first-hand, and here's what went down:

1. We were greeted at the airport with Smart Retail Analytics at the TM booth, an application that could detect our emotions, gender, and age group

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With the Smart Retail Analytics, data on tourists’ Langkawi experience can be collected and used to understand visitors better as well as further enhance and improve their experience.

2. Although we didn't have time to go sightseeing, we were still able to catch a glimpse of Langkawi's beautiful scenery via the UNESCO 8K Virtual Reality (VR)

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The UNESCO 8K Virtual Reality highlights the geopark and the duty-free island in 8K video quality, so it'll feel as though you are there in person experiencing the uniqueness of the locations.

As soon as tourists land in the airport, they can head straight to the TM booth to use the VR facilities and have a sneak peek of what Langkawi has to offer.

3. We also saw Smart Safety & Surveillance, a system which closely monitors Pantai Cenang so that you're assured a safe and peaceful vacation

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Smart Safety & Surveillance consists of cameras and monitoring equipment that will aid in building security, crime prevention, and traffic observation.

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This system is integrated into TM's emergency response team and the 5G Command Centre, which is also linked to other local agencies, emergency response services, and local authorities so assistance can be deployed immediately.

4. With Pantai Cenang bustling with activity, it's almost impossible to find parking. However, we were shown Smart Parking, an app which indicates available parking lots

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Smart Parking provides real time parking bay monitoring using camera and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which means that you'll be able to search for empty parking spots without having to make countless rounds.

Besides that, there are also other use cases developed in-house by TM's innovation arm - TM Research & Development Sdn Bhd (TM R&D)

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TM also signed a MoC with six other partners, namely Haji Ismail Group (HiG), Nadias Hotel, Hotel Adya Chenang, The Loaf Asia Sdn Bhd, Artisans Pizza, and Jabatan Laut Malaysia.

They have agreed to demonstrate the use cases developed in-house by TM R&D, which include Smart Retail Analytics, Smart Vehicle Management System, and Smart Safety Helmet.

These use cases consist of safety features, machine learning, and AI to detect individuals' behaviour and emotions that can be used to inform local businesses and authorities. 

Smart Safety Helmet.

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So if you want to experience the features of 5G, head over to Langkawi and check it out for yourself!

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You can find the TM booth right outside the departure gate at the Langkawi International Airport (LIA).

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