TNB's Smart Meter Lets You Monitor Energy Usage Accurately, With Updates Every 30 Minutes

You can track bills, energy consumption, and more through the myTNB app and myTNB website.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Tenaga National Berhad.

As part of a sustainability initiative supported by the government, Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) plans to replace all existing meters with Smart Meters in Malaysia

This rollout will be done in phases, and will be completely free of charge. It will be installed by TNB after you receive an installation notice for your neighbourhood in the mail.

With a Smart Meter from TNB, you'll be able to monitor your electricity consumption conveniently through myEnergy via the myTNB website and myTNB app

It's smart to be energy efficient, not only for the purposes of keeping your electricity bill down, but also for the sake of reducing our carbon footprint.

Available right at your fingertips, you can achieve all of that through the myEnergy dashboard — via the myTNB website, which shows you updated readings from your Smart Meter every 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, the myTNB app displays information on your daily energy consumption.

Watch this video below to learn more about the Smart Meter:

You'll be able to check how much energy you've used, the price of that usage, as well as the impact it has left on the environment based on the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere

Here's a closer look at the benefits of having a Smart Meter:

- Convenient monitoring makes it easier for you identify instances of high electricity consumption and helps you adjust to more energy efficient habits

- Enjoy accurate meter readings and pay your electricity bill anytime and anywhere through the myTNB app

Once your Smart Meter has been installed, register for an account on the myTNB website to access your myEnergy dashboard

To register, you'll need your TNB account number, which can be found on the top left corner of your paper bill. You can also use the app to scan a bar code at the bottom of the bill to make the process easier.

You can check your myEnergy dashboard for the following information:

1. Cost
You can track your daily, monthly, and yearly electricity cost under this tab. The cost of your energy consumption will be shown in graphs, which you can hover over to find out more details from specific days or 30-minute segments.

2. Usage
This tab shows your daily, monthly, and yearly consumption of electricity in (kWh). You can use information here to find out how much electricity you use from month to month, and make necessary adjustments to lower energy consumption.

3. Environmental Impact
You can view this section to find out how much CO2 emissions you have produced for every kWh of electricity generated. This is calculated according to the average number of cars, weight of trash, or number of trees. For example, it'll show you how many trees you would have to plant to offset your current month's usage.

All in all, having a Smart Meter means it will be easier for you to identify instances of high energy consumption, thus helping you make positive changes that'll reflect on both your monthly bill and the world around you :D

These small actions can range from setting a timer when you use air conditioning to unplugging your charger after your phone has been sufficiently charged. 

Just use the information shown on your myEnergy dashboard via the myTNB website or myTNB app to help manage your energy use. ;)

Find out more about the Smart Meter from the myTNB website

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