Never Miss Prayer Time With This Handy, Easy-To-Use App That Shows Kiblat Direction & More

You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play.

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Boasting data source from E-Solat JAKIM, Waktu Solat Malaysia may just be your go-to app for more than just looking up prayer times

The app's main appeal is its user-friendly interface, which is why it has managed to clock in 6.6 million downloads and 1.3 million active users to date.

If you're a Muslim, you'll also appreciate other useful features like finding kiblat direction, nearby mosques, and more, wherever your location may be.

Check out other highlights of this practical prayer app:

1. Enjoy easy navigation via side menus, which you can effortlessly reach from the top corners of the app

On the top left side, you'll find a list of features like Lazada, Halaqah, Tanyalah Ustaz, Nur, Media, Al-Quran, Wuduk, Wirid and Zikir, as well as Doa and Solat guidelines. And on the top right side, you can share updates and access external apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and more. 

2. You can set the app to night mode for a sleek dark look

Besides providing better visibility with dark mode, Waktu Solat Malaysia also has various other themes to suit your fancy. Plus, you can select cool widgets for your home screen too!

3. Keep up with prayer times and find accurate kiblat direction from any location

Thanks to a digital magnetic compass, you'll be able to easily find the direction for kiblat. Once located, your phone will vibrate to tell you the direction you're facing is correct.

With Hijri date and Gregorian calendar display available on the app, you're able to set easy reminders for solat, whether it is Imsak, Subuh, Syuruk, Dhuha, Zohor, Asar, Maghrib, or Isyak.

And if you're travelling, the app automatically updates your location so you can keep track of prayer times, besides directing you to nearby mosques and halal food spots. 

On top of all these handy dandy features, Waktu Solat Malaysia also sports guidelines that help users during and after prayer time

From wirid and zikir (Islamic meditations), to ayat seribu dinar (verse of a thousand dinar), and solat guidelines, rest assured you can approach prayer time with ease and peace of mind. 

Waktu Solat Malaysia is available to download from the App Store and Google Play

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