Under Armour Is Helping Millions Of Young Athletes Achieve Their Dreams. Here's How

This is part of the brand's worldwide mission of making sports more accessible for millions of youth, including Malaysian athletes, by 2030.

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Ever dreamed of becoming a pro athlete?

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Many of us grew up spending hours in the field or the court after schooling hours, dreaming of becoming the next Nicol David, Serena Williams, Lee Chong Wei, or Stephen Curry. Some of us were even good enough to represent our school, district or maybe even state at some point.

But the jump from being a recreational athlete to a pro athlete is a steep one. It's not easy to 'make it' in competitive sports, plus, not everyone has the resources to put themselves in a position to succeed.

Every year, millions of aspiring athletes have to ditch their dreams in exchange for getting by in life, because they don't have access to sporting equipment, the right coaches, and a training environment that would allow them to compete in the professional arena.

It's a shame to see all this talent go to waste, simply because of these limiting factors faced by many.

In an effort to get young people one step closer to their dreams, Under Armour has embarked on a journey to break down barriers and create opportunities for growth in competitive sports

The well-known Baltimore-based sportswear brand is upping its game to offer more than just innovative and quality gear for sports enthusiasts at all levels, all over the world.

From its breakthrough performance fabric UA Tech that keeps you comfy no matter how hard you hit your training sesh to running shoes that provide ample support, and more, Under Armour is equipping communities with everything they need to give it their all in sports. 

Check out this short video about Under Armour's 'Gift of the Game' campaign, and how it exemplifies the brand's tagline, 'The Only Way is Through':

Whether it's in the US or here in Malaysia, Under Armour recognises that young people all over the world face barriers that negatively impact their journey to compete in sports

Here are three areas the brand is focusing on to make sports more accessible:

1. Pathways
Under Armour works with communities around the world to help build programmes and drive engagement in organised, structured, and competitive sports programming for young people. 

Globally, it has impacted 20 communities with UA Sports Zone, expanded the women's UA Next Programming, and continues to tackle the cost barrier of sport.

2. People
By bringing together coaches, organisations, and community stakeholders, the brand aims to help break down barriers to sports engagement and create a lasting change. 

This helps level the coaching landscape and support key community partners. In the US, the brand has launched a collegiate program for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs).

3. Performance
Athletes need the necessary tools to excel, which is why Under Armour continues to provide performance solutions, resources, and tools that athletes need to achieve their best. 

This includes helping women to keep evolving the way they train, compete, and recover. On top of that, the brand is also making running a more inclusive sport, as well as delivering footwear innovations across playing fields. 

Learn more about Under Armour's plan to deliver on its commitment from now to 2030, plus real life inspiring stories here

At the end of the day, Under Armour believes everyone deserves the right to engage in sport

As Under Armour CEO Patrik Frisk puts it, the opportunities that sports provide are endless and critical to society.

"From teaching kids to be good teammates and good leaders, to how to take accountability and work hard for their goals, having access to sport is fundamental to developing skills that will empower young athletes on and off the field, pitch or court," said Frisk.

If you're an aspiring young athlete, head over to Under Armour's Instagram to check out what they have in store for you

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