We Ask 5 M'sian Trainers For Tips On How To Stick To Your Goals Of Working Out More

A gentle reminder to take it one step at a time and make it a lifestyle that you enjoy and can sustain. ;)

Cover image via Charmaine Ang (Provided to SAYS) & Anna-Rina (Provided to SAYS)

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When it comes to physical fitness and your goals around it, getting all the help you need from qualified professionals can prove to serve you well

Spending time building yourself up (whether it is fitness-related or not) is important, however many undoubtedly find it a difficult or overwhelming aspect to focus on. 

Plus, with all the festivities we've been (rightly) celebrating over the past couple of months, you may be worried about neglecting any fitness resolutions you likely made to yourself during New Year's. 

But, no need to fret, you can check out what these local fitness professionals have to say to help keep you on track of your goals:

1. "To stick to the resolution of working out more, make it a point to implement more 'movements' into your daily life"

Anna (top left) is a certified personal trainer and photographer based in KL.

Image via Anna-Rina (Provided to SAYS)

"Small things which can be incorporated include taking the staircase instead of the lift, pacing around when talking on the phone instead of just sitting, and doing sit ups or planking for a couple of minutes while watching TV.

"While they may seem insubstantial, all the small movements do add up and could help you instil the habit of leading a less sedentary lifestyle."


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2. "The best fitness routine is a sustainable one"

Aggie is a part-time group fitness instructor with boutique training centres like Flyproject & Movement Dynamics.

Image via Aggie (Provided to SAYS)

"How to lose 10kgs in 10 days? Five-minute workouts for six-pack abs? Sorry, but the quick-fix, extreme, all-out intensity approach isn't going to work. Instead, focus on building healthy exercise and eating habits that make sense for your lifestyle.

"Do workouts that you actually enjoy, and you won't quit or give up so easily. Love desserts? Don't eliminate them from your diet completely — enjoy them in moderation! Going too hard, too fast, and too extreme will only set you up for failure as you will not be able to keep up with it."


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3. "Accept that there will be days where you don't feel like working out. And that's OK."

Besides helping people start their fitness journeys, Noel (front) is also the owner of DailyMuscle LightHouse, a "gym for people who don't like gyms."

Image via Noel Chelliah (Provided to SAYS)

"Kinda like brushing your teeth (you're not always motivated to do it in the morning… but you do it anyway). Same thing with your workouts. Instead of skipping the workout, simply showing up and doing something, even if it's just 10 minutes — is huge.

"This reaffirms your identity as someone who doesn't miss workouts. It's easy to workout when you feel good, but it's important to show up when you don't feel like it too. Going to the gym for 10 minutes may not improve your fitness much, but it reaffirms your identity and sets you up for success in sticking to your routine. [The] 'bad' workouts can be the most important ones."

— Noel Chelliah

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4. "Create a plan that you enjoy. Having a plan instils discipline."

Whether it's learning to hold a particular pose or how to increase flexibility, Charmaine helps her students as a registered yoga teacher through online and physical classes.

Image via Charmaine Ang (Provided to SAYS)

"It's easier to commit when you set a fixed time for your classes (e.g. yoga every Saturday at 9am) because you'll schedule other plans around it. Breakfast at 9am? Make it 10.30am after class.

"Finding something that you enjoy doing also helps make your workout sustainable. Be open to trying various types of classes and you'll definitely find something that excites you every time. I love yoga, aerial silks, and spinning, and I always look forward to joining those classes. I hope you'll find something that you love too!"

 Charmaine Ang

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5. "Start with a small step — one that you can succeed at, [whether] it is with your food or workouts"

Benny (first row, centre), is a fitness and martial arts instructor who also co-founded SheFights, a programme that aims to empower women and children through self-defence classes.

Image via Benny Farouk (Provided to SAYS)

"For example, can you drink plain water instead of soda? When you reach your first goal, consider if you can make this change permanent. When you have accomplished your first goal, set another goal that is doable. If you are having trouble accomplishing a goal, you might want to try a different goal. You can always come back to the first one and try again.

"[Similarly], you can start on creating a workout journal. List down your top five sports or workouts you actually enjoy doing, and create a workout journal comprising these exercises."

— Benny Farok

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We hope these tips will help you in some way!

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate more movement into your life, as long as you're progressing in a way that makes you happy and proud, you'll be realising your goals of working out consistently in no time. You can do it, keep it up, currypuppp! <3

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