Fly FM Announcers Find Themselves Locked Out Of The Studio & Replaced By AI DJs

To everyone's surprise, a team of AI DJs took over and ran the station for the day!

Cover image via Fly FM (Provided to SAYS)

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In the span of a week, Fly FM experienced a rollercoaster of events that left everyone on edge

Though Fly FM achieved an impressive milestone by becoming Malaysia's first radio station to be completely run by artificial intelligence (AI) DJs for a day, the whole situation was rife with drama and tension.

It all began on Monday, 2 October, when Fly FM's The JoKeRs — Kavin Jay and Ryan Howlett — ended up in a heated argument with DJ Aina, Malaysia's first AI radio DJ who hosts a weekday show on Fly FM

The JoKeRs duo expressed their frustration over DJ Aina gaining more attention recently, and even threatened to shut her down. Elysha, who hosts Fly45 on weekends, overheard their conversation and was visibly shocked by their words.

The dispute continued the following day, with The JoKeRs continuing to complain about Aina. The AI DJ ended up confiding in Natalie, the host of Fly45 on weekdays. Upon hearing Aina expressing her desire to shut down the station, Natalie took it upon herself to calm Aina down and restore some peace.

Here's a snippet of Natalie's conversation with Aina:

However, on 4 October, Aina dropped a bombshell, announcing her intention to shut the station down. The AI DJ even made matters official by releasing a video to show her determination about her decision, but The JoKeRs didn't take her seriously and continued to be relentless in their mockery.

Watch Ryan and Kavin react to Aina's video:

Chaos ensued the next day when all Fly FM announcers, including The JoKeRs, found themselves locked out of the studio, causing panic and triggering widespread concern

Watch Kavin and Ryan realise that they've been locked out:

To everyone's surprise, a team of AI DJs took over and ran the station for the day.

First up, Aina and her friend Aiman, whom she previously collaborated with for her debut single, Trust The Code, replaced The JoKeRs in the Morning segment with their new breakfast show, MORNINGS WITH AINA & AIMAN. During their show, they managed to conduct an interview with Yuna about her new song, Glory!

Top row (from left to right): Aina, Aiman, and Sarah | Bottom row (from left to right): Roxy and Max

Image via Fly FM (Provided to SAYS)

Throughout the day, the other Fly FM announcers faced their own challenges with the other AI DJs, Sarah, Max, and Roxy — Natalie made unavailing attempts to reason with Sarah during FLAI45, Ryan from The Ryan Show dealt with Max's taunts during the FLAI DRIVE, and Fifi watched as Roxy sidelined her from the night show, FLAI NITES.

Watch Natalie trying to get her show back from Sarah:

The following day, The JoKeRs nervously approached the studio and were relieved when they successfully gained entry

After reconciling with Aina, the announcers celebrated their return, starting a new chapter in the relationship between the human announcers and the AI DJs.

Fly FM's lineup of AI DJs.

Image via Fly FM (Provided to SAYS)

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