Here Are All The Pokémon You Will Spot In The 'Detective Pikachu' Trailer

Starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular character.

Cover image via Warner Bros Pictures

So it was announced late last year that there will be a live-action 'Detective Pikachu' movie.

Fast forward to now, we finally have a trailer!

People have very mixed feelings about the trailer, but we're not here to discuss that.

We're here to talk about all the Pokémon that has been spotted in the trailer.

In the opening scene of the trailer, it goes bam - ALL the Pokémon in Ryme City!

Up front, we have a totes adorable Charmander. There's a Dodrio slightly behind the little guy. There's also a quick glimpse of a Bouffalant making its way through the crowd of humans.

In the air: Braviary and Fearow, along with Comfey and Flabébé casually floating about. So tiny.

Then we get a good look at Psyduck, who kiiiiinda looks like another infamous duck-who-shall-not-be-named

Psyduck is companion to reporter Lucy Stevens (Kathryn Newton).

We also get a closer look at him later on in the trailer, with a clearer view of its signature crazy eyes.

44 seconds into the trailer, we get a reveal of the titular character


Image via Warner Bros Pictures

Detective Pikachu is voiced by the one and only Ryan Reynolds, though its "pika pika" is by Ikue Otani.

Here's an extra GIF because the cuteness is too much to handle:

In the following market scene, we have a clear view of a group of Emolga on the roof of one of the stalls

There's also an Audino on the right which has been nearly blocked by its companion. Dodrio also makes another appearance.

Here we see lead character Tim Goodman (Justice Smith), who seems to be holding a possibly injured Pikachu, following a line of Bulbasaurs somewhere

Morelulls twirl around the Bulbasaurs on the journey.

And here, a very angry looking Jigglypuff

Why is this Jigglypuff so huge.

Image via Warner Bros Pictures

"The Jigglypuff looks like an unexpectedly cute leader of a gang." - Me

Charizard pulls no punches and makes a roaring entrance

Not to be outdone, three Greninjas fly into action in the scene right after

Then we get a very quick and brief glimpse at Rufflet and Squirtle

Following a few scenes that look straight out of an apocalypse movie, Pikachu and Tim pull a "good cop, bad cop" routine on Mr Mime - the last Pokémon to cameo in the trailer

'Detective Pikachu' will hit theatres in Summer 2019! In the meantime, stay updated on the latest movie news and giveaways with KLIPS on Facebook and Instagram

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