Song Hye-Kyo Spotted Without Wedding Ring Months Before Divorce Announcement

The ship has officially sunk.

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Just two years after a fairytale wedding that made headlines across the globe, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo announced their divorce this morning, 27 June

Song Joong-ki's agency, Blossom Entertainment, was the first to announce the divorce:

First, I'd like to apologize for delivering this unfortunate news to the many fans who love and care for me.

I have begun the process of filing for divorce from Song Hye-kyo.

Rather than denouncing one another and arguing over who is to blame, I hope that the divorce process can be wrapped up amicably.

I ask for your understanding in regards to the fact that it is difficult to discuss the details of my personal life, and I will recover from my current wounds and do my utmost as an actor to repay you through great productions in the future.

Song Hye-kyo's agency, United Artists Agency (UAA) followed with a statement a few hours later:

The reason [for the divorce] is differences in personality and because the two were unable to overcome their differences, they were forced to come to this decision.

Fans all over the world expressed their devastation as their favourite ship from 'The Descendants of the Sun' - endearingly nicknamed “Song Song Couple” - has officially sunk

Image via Twitter

In light of the couple’s separation, photos from earlier this year showing Song Hye-kyo without her wedding ring has resurfaced online

According to The Korea Herald, Song Hye-kyo has been spotted without her wedding ring on multiple occasions since early February. She also allegedly deleted photos of Song Joong-ki on her Instagram account.

Earlier this month, Song Joong-ki seemed to put divorce rumours to rest as he said at a press conference how the couple's relationship has changed for the better since their marriage

"Nothing changed too drastically, but I do feel like I've become more emotionally stable as a result. I feel like all married people would understand this feeling," he said according to The Straits Times.

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