Show Off Your Best K-Pop Moves To Win A Chance To See Your Fav Idols Live In Korea

Time to let your inner idol shine!

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Remember when these girls dressed as K-pop stars were seen walking around KLCC just a few days ago?

The girls were seen surrounded by a crowd of fans and even some bodyguards. Then, they eventually made their getaway in a Tune Talk branded vehicle, leaving netizens curious about their identities and what they were there for.

Turns out, it was all part of a marketing campaign by Tune Talk as a teaser for #TuneTalkgoesKrazy, their upcoming K-pop dance contest!

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You'll definitely wanna join if you're a K-pop fan, especially if you love learning all the dances and doing your own covers. It's finally time to channel your fav idol and show off your best moves - you could be the one heading to Korea with your friends to watch a LIVE K-pop concert!

Here are all the amazing prizes up for grabs:
- 1 x Grand Prize: An all expenses paid trip to Korea to watch a LIVE K-pop concert
- 2 x Consolation Prizes: Tickets to watch a LIVE K-pop concert right here in Malaysia

Photo used for illustration purposes only.

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Here's how to join:

Step 1: Get a bunch of your fellow K-pop lovers together. Record your group dancing to any K-pop song of your choice, with a Malaysian twist!
Step 2: Upload the video on your Instagram account.
Step 3: Tag @tunetalk as well as all your group members in your post. Make sure to include #TuneTalkgoesKrazy and #YourGroupName in the caption. Don't forget to set your account to public.
Step 4: Fill in the registration form and wait to receive a confirmation email.

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Winners will be determined according to the highest accumulated number of likes from all group members' Instagram posts. So make sure your whole group gets as many people as possible to like your respective posts!

Check out the video below for some inspiration:

The submission period starts on 13 August 2019, so don't upload your videos until then or it won't count!

For now, just focus on choosing your teammates, deciding which song y'all are gonna cover, think about what kind of creative Malaysian twist to include, and of course, practice, practice, practice!

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After you upload your videos from 13 August onwards, you'll have until 8 September 2019 to gather as many likes as possible. You're advised to edit your song of choice to avoid copyright infringement.

Start planning and practicing now to make sure your group wins the #TuneTalkgoesKrazy Challenge! Hwaiting everyone!

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