Out Of All The Birthday Parties She Could Have, This Girl Chose A Poop-Themed Party!

There was a poop cake too!

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Contrary to the norm, instead of wanting unicorns and flowers as a birthday theme, Little Audrey from Missouri, U.S.A. wanted something that hasn't been 'dung' before, and it was absolutely adorbs

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Her mum, Rebecca, was surprised when her daughter had poop in her mind.

“For months, every time we mentioned her party, Audrey requested ‘poop balloons and a poop cake,’” Rebecca told The Huffington Post. “I tried suggesting other themes, but she always insisted on poop.”

In the end, Rebecca succumbed to her daughter’s unusual request, and threw her the ‘sh*ttiest’ party!

And so it happened! On Audrey’s third birthday, she got herself an ex-poo-rience she’d never forget!

Image via Rebecca

Guests played a game pin-the-poop-on-the-toilet game, a funny take on the conventional pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game. Audrey also got herself a poopñata filled with Hershey's kisses and tootsie rolls that were perfect snacks for her poop party. Rebecca also joined in on the fun by wearing a poop costume!

She said that everyone seem to enjoyed the unconventionally-themed party, but ultimately, she's glad that little Audrey was happy.

“Audrey is definitely her own person. I hope she always has the confidence she has now.”

Image via Rebecca
Image via Rebecca

We totally love Audrey for being the most quirky little three-year-old and her mum for throwing her the best poop party she could ever ask for!

“I feel like in this time of Facebook and Pinterest, we sometimes get caught up in trying to impress other adults,” Rebecca said. “This party wasn’t for me, it was for Audrey. I love that we will look back at pictures, and it will represent her at 3 ― my funny and quirky little girl.”

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Would you let your kid have a poop-themed party? Tell us in the comment section below!

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