Adorable Boy On National TV Thinks COVID-19 Is Spiky And Can Be Defeated With Farts

This kid has got some bright ideas.

Cover image via Buletin Utama/Twitter @HasrulRizwan

An adorable little boy recently went viral for his short appearance on the TV3 news slot, Buletin Utama

On Wednesday, 1 July, Twitter user @HasrulRizwan shared a video of a young boy being interviewed by a reporter on national television. 

The tweet has since garnered over 196,900 views and 26,400 retweets.

When asked whether the boy knew what COVID-19 was, he said that it has a lot of spikes and could be defeated with a fart

In the clip, the reporter asked, "Do you know what COVID-19 is?" and the boy cheekily answered, "COVID-19 has spikes and spikes and spikes," while showing the spikes on his toy dinosaur.

"So how are we going to fight COVID-19?" the reporter asked further.

"Fart, and then it'll be so smelly!" he said.

Netizens are amused by the boy's naivete and joined in on the joke

One person said, "A little kid's innocence is truly something else. Sometimes us adults get so amused by their innocence."

Another user mentioned, "Imagine if the kid's method turned out to be right. Only farts can defeat COVID-19. And then the whole world will fart."

"I bet he said that farting would work because he sees a lot of people wearing masks to avoid the bad smell," another netizen commented.

Watch the full video here:

Children can be so amusing and adorable at the same time:

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