Here Are 6 Coffee Trends That You Should Try Based On Your Personality

Extrovert or Introvert? Red-velvet latte or a kopitiam latte art?

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Coffee is the most popular morning pick-me-up to get you started on your day. But did you know your personality can actually dictate what kind of coffee you would enjoy?

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You might not think twice about it, but you can tell a lot about a person's personality based on their coffee order, and your personality can also actually predict the kind of new coffee trends you would enjoy.

With so many coffee trends nowadays, check out which one you would most likely enjoy based on your personality below:

1. If you have a bold Type-A personality, stick to black coffee

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Why you should stick to black coffee: Why improve on perfection? Black coffee already has a complex flavour profile for you to enjoy, and has numerous health benefits. You love the taste of black coffee, and the caffeine rush hits you like a train. You've already found your go-to coffee shop that serves you consistent cups of great coffee. You might even be brewing your own coffee first thing in the morning.

2. If you're a thrifty social-butterfly, try kopitiam latte art

Why you'll enjoy kopitiam latte art: It's a comfortable cup of your kopi but with a quirky twist. There are many ways known ways to enjoy your kopi with different ratios of coffee, condensed milk and sugar. Each state in Malaysia actually has their own unique way to enjoy their kopi. Some are roasted with margarine while others are enjoyed with condensed milk. This kopitiam latte art is a new a fun way to enjoy your favourite Kopi with your friends without spending a whole lot on a cuppa.

3. If you're an assertive go-getter, try canned cold brew coffee

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Why you should Nescafe Canned Cold Brew: Nescafe's cold brew is steeped for 10 hours with no additives or preservatives to ensure the quality of flavour. With your busy lifestyle, Nescafe's canned cold brew is a great choice to get consistent doses of great tasting coffee on-the-go. You can get your can of Nescafe Cold Brew at your nearest 7-11 store today! 

4. If you're a spontaneous extrovert, try flavoured lattes

Why you'll enjoy flavoured lattes: Cafes are constantly coming up with new innovative latte flavours to enjoy. Red velvet latte? Salted Caramel Popcorn? Black Sesame Seed Latte? Earl Grey Infused Latte? There's a whole world of latte flavours for you to try out, and you'll never get bored of them. Flavoured lattes are perfect if you have a spontaneous personality and love living in the moment. 

5. If you're a highly optimistic personality, try kopi cham

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Why you'll enjoy kopi cham: Kopi Cham is a popular Malaysian coffee that never goes out of trend. Also known as YinYang, Kopi Cham is a great drink if you love your teas as much as you love coffee. Giving you the best taste of both worlds, Cham gets it's unique depth of flavour because it uses Robusta coffee beans that are wok-roasted with sugar and margarine, and then brewed with equal parts tea. 

6. If you're an refined artistic personality, try cold foam coffee

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Why you'll enjoy cold-foam coffee: Cold-foam coffee is a classic drink with a modern finish. With a base of your favourite cold-brewed coffee, it is then topped with a rich thick foam that'll give you smoother and sweeter finish to your drink. 

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