Looking For European Household Appliances? Check Out Beko's Top 5 Most Loved Products

With so many choices on the market, it can be super overwhelming.

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Beko is Europe's leading freestanding home appliance brand, with over 60 years of brand heritage and experience

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They pride themselves on being a brand that is respected globally. Available in over 130 countries, they believe in bringing meaningful solutions and being a partner to their consumers, turning their pain points into magical moments.

Beko is not just a home appliance company, it's a brand that understands the need and emotion of their consumers. Watch their video to learn more:

Here are some of their most popular products:

1. Beko's refrigerators help your vegetables and fruits stay fresh for 30 days

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The NeoFrost technology has two times faster cooling, no odour mixing, and optimum humidity for longer freshness. Whereas the Everfresh+ has specially designed crisper compartments, helping fruits and vegetables stay fresh!

Last but never least, the Active Fresh Blue Light simulates natural lighting conditions to ensure that the process of photosynthesis continues in the refrigerator. It also protects the Vitamin C intensity and maintains the natural flavours and nutritional elements in vegetables! 

2. Their washing machines can wash a full load in only 28 minutes

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Beko's washing machines provide fabric care with its Aquawave System, which gives a gentle yet effective washing condition for all garments that prolongs their lifespan.

Not only that, their Daily Xpress technology is a daily time-saving program that washes a full capacity of laundry in just 28 minutes at 30°C. With their Steam Therapy hygiene solution, it reduces wrinkles and ironing time on laundry and decreases odours! 

Never forgetting how their machines are eco-friendly with the Prosmart Inverter that leads to more energy efficiency, no mechanical friction, less noise, and high durability! Lessen your worries too with 12 years motor warranty.

Their Dryers also have a Baby Protect technology, which uses high temperature to kill bacteria and it's specifically designed for garments like baby clothing and for people who have sensitive skin.

3. Beko's ovens are able to clean themselves!

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Beko's built-in ovens have this thing called the Pyrolytic Self Cleaning technology which will heat up the oven to 480°C and turn stains into ash that can be easily wiped away! You don't even need detergent or soda powder to clean it.

The built-hob has IndyFlex, which automatically recognizes the size of pots and pans and adjusts the zones accordingly. It allows you to cook up to 2 large dishes or 8 small ones and it lets you configure the size and number of pans too!

4. Their dishwasher is one of the world's first that removes odours without any harmful chemicals

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Asians don't usually get dishwashers, but its time we break that stigma, no?

Beko's dishwashers have AquaIntense technology which creates a power zone in a part of the dishwasher by providing intense water pressure. Its 180° rotating spray arm with a 360° rotating head helps water reach every single angle of dirty dishes!

You could basically deck your whole house in Beko appliances

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They have almost every appliance and machine for your household. From blenders, rice cookers to steam irons, vacuums, and air conditions. 

Stay tuned to their Facebook page for lifehacks and interesting contents with great prizes to be won!

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Find out more about Beko products here.

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