You've Definitely Panicked During These 10 Very Common Situations

Rushing to complete an online transaction before the session times out!

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There's nothing worse than the feeling of panic when you're rushing to do something important but you're running out of time!

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But first, here are 10 common situations that have definitely caused you to panic:

1. When your ride has arrived but you're still not dressed yet

2. When you're the one holding up the line at the ATM because you just have too many transactions to make

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You can practically feel people glaring at you behind your back.

3. When you're struggling to put your money back in your wallet, bag your groceries, and carry everything away before the next person's turn

4. When you desperately need to pee but all the toilet stalls are full and there's a queue

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Doing the need-to-pee dance while waiting feels like worst torture ever.

5. When Waze suddenly loses connection halfway through your journey to somewhere you've never been to before

And you're on the highway so you can't even stop to check or ask for help.

6. When you're already running late but the car in front of you is super slowwwwww

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Move to left lane lah, haiyo!

7. When you're innocently walking along and a cicak and/or cockroach appears out of nowhere


8. When your lecturer changes slides faster than the speed of light and you're frantically trying to finish jotting down notes

Tangan confirm damn sakit after that.

9. When you're not sure what you want yet but the waiter is already standing right next to you and everyone at your table has already ordered

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You'll panic and order something at random then regret it later and get major food envy from everyone else's glorious meals. :(

10. When you're frantically trying to complete an online transaction before the session times out

Rushing to complete a task is the worst, especially when it comes to important things like making travel plans

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Can you relate to these too?