Friends Organise Surprise Birthday Party At McDonald's For Their 26-Year-Old Bestie

According to the poster of the video, their friend's favourite place to eat has always been McDonald's.

Cover image via @jenjohnnn (TikTok)

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We often go to great lengths to ensure our friends have the best birthdays year after year.

But one group's inclination towards one of their friends' favourite place to eat didn't stop them from throwing him a party he'll never forget.

In a recent TikTok posted by Malaysian user, Jen John (@jenjohnnn), a group of friends appear to be singing Happy Birthday at a party they threw for him at a McDonald's franchise.

Written in a caption plastered across the screen, John reveals that her 26-year-old friend made a joke about having his birthday at McDonald's — but their group decided to run with the idea and make it a reality.

Getting him gifts, the group goes an extra mile by letting him unwrap a lunchbox in the shape of a burger, a race car, and a couple of Hot Wheels figurines. As for the birthday dessert — they were served McDonald's signature nugget cake.

Taking the surprise in stride, the friend does appear to be genuinely enjoying himself, as the one-minute feature ends with them taking a group photo in front of McDonald's 'Happy Birthday' sign.

In a conversation with SAYS, John revealed that the event took place at an outlet in Tabuan Jaya, Kuching — and that it was the first time staff members threw a party for a patron older than 12

According to John, this friend of hers is dubbed as the 'McDonald's Ambassador' in their group, as he always suggests McDonald's if the group can't decide on where to eat supper.

"We've been saying that since he loves McD so much, we might as well celebrate his birthday there, and he jokingly agreed thinking we wouldn't go through with it," she said to this SAYS writer.

The week before his birthday, John stated that one of her other friends in the group made a booking and did not tell him it was at a McDonald's chain.

"He was definitely shocked and got super shy when he saw his name on the sign."

John stated that the staff were very accommodating when putting the party together for them.

"When we asked them if they've ever had adults celebrate their birthday here before, they said no, it was the first time. The oldest they've had were kids aged 12," said John.

However, John also stated that the idea of celebrating his birthday 'like a kid' was a nice break from adulting life

"Those guys are my close knit friends and I don't think a lot of people realise how funny, smart, and kind they are. I'm glad I was able to capture the moment that will definitely be part of our core memory," said John in her closing thoughts.

Receiving almost 200,000 views and 20,000 likes on TikTok, hearts were warmed across the nation over the clear closeness between the friends

Praising the group for going to such lengths to celebrate their friend, one user wrote, "I mean, this is just wholesome." 

Another user who was touched by the video commented, "This kind of friendship is honestly the best!"

Showing the public that you're never too old to embrace your inner child, others stated that they now want a McDonald's-themed birthday party after watching this video.

One user in particular, said that he's never had a McDonald's birthday, and would like to have one there when he can.

Another user got a tonne of inspiration from the clique, saying that she is now planning to do the same thing for one of her friends.

Would you want to celebrate your birthday at McDonald's? Let us know!

Watch the full clip on TikTok below:

@jenjohnnn Replying to @kindalost It all started when we were at McD & a kid was celebrating his bday the joke became a reality #mcdonalds #birthday #fyp #singleawareness High School in Jakarta - NIKI

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