Groomer Is The Ultimate Cat Whisperer When He Calms Demon Cat Into An Angel Within Minutes

This groomer got this cat 'feline' fine.

Cover image via (TikTok)

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It can be quite the challenge for cat owners to find a grooming service that can handle the tantrums of their felines.

However, spicy kitties are no match for this groomer, who seems to have the 'magic touch' with difficult clients.

Professional groomer and owner of Kaka Cat House, Anas Abu Amsyar, has a proven track record for taming feisty felines. Many of his clients' owners have travelled across Malaysia just for his services.

He posted a TikTok on 29 October, demonstrating how he handled a particularly spicy feline named Eva, whose owner travelled from Damansara, Selangor, all the way to his shop in Penang.

In the video, Eva puts up an impressive fight against Anas, clearly adverse to the idea of being groomed.

However, Anas did not give up and allowed the cat to swat and hiss at him, while he used a soothing voice to try and calm the feline down.

Finally, when he saw an opportunity, Anas quickly immobilised Eva by holding the cat at the back of her neck, applying gentle but firm pressure to keep her in place.

Once Eva stopped moving, Anas proceeded to gently scoop the cat up and cradle her in his arms, whispering to Eva in a sweet voice.

And just like that, the fierce kitty became a calm one.

Having successfully tamed Eva, Anas proceeded with the grooming session.

Impressively, Anas was able to give the spicy Eva a bath, where she can be seen allowing him to wash her belly and face. The groomer also got to sneak in a few kisses and head rubs, showing the progress he made with her.

Fully trusting the groomer now, Eva even let Anas give her a blowdrying session, sitting on his lap while he dried her.

There was even time for Eva to pose for a photo after she was all dried and cleaned, looking like a whole new kitty, inside and out.

Anas's TikTok demonstrating his cat-whispering prowess on Eva has since gone viral, garnering five million views and 419,000 likes

While many netizens praised Anas for his calm and collected way of handling Eva, others theorised what he did to tame the cat.

Image via TikTok

Others sought Anas for some tips on how to deal with their own troublesome kitties.

Image via TikTok

You can watch the full video of Eva turning from a fearsome kitty into the sweetest one:

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