JB Widow Who Allegedly Inherited Millions From Late Hubby Is Now Looking For A Companion

Who will be the lucky man? :D

Cover image via The Guardian & Facebook

A widow from Johor Bahru who allegedly inherited millions from her late husband flaunted her wealth on Facebook recently, saying she is looking for a companion

The post was published by a Facebook user from Johor Bahru to a Singaporean community group over the weekend.

In it, she uploaded a photo of her bank account receipt, which has SGD1,217,052 in savings.

That is approximately RM3.7 million!

"I have over a million dollars in my bank account which I inherited from my late husband," wrote the woman who is believed to be in her 40s.

"I am now looking for a companion. If you are a man with a sincere heart, you can PM me. Thank you."

Image via Facebook

The post has amused hundreds of netizens, but some cautioned that the woman could be an online scammer

According to China Press, some netizens said the woman could have been a lucky passer-by who picked up the receipt at a bank by chance, while some even challenged the woman to show a different shot of the receipt to prove that she is indeed a millionaire.

It is unsure when the woman uploaded another photo of the receipt, or which of the two precedes first, but circulating on social media are two versions of the receipt where both show the same colossal sum.

In some ways, this has prompted some confidence in netizens over the legitimacy of her wealth.

Amidst their doubt, thousands of netizens are having a field day over the woman's straightforward method to look for love

A handful of people tried to shoot their shot with the woman.

Image via Facebook

Some even called the woman 'Wang Ah Yi' (Aunty Wong), while saying they "don't want to work hard anymore".

That saying is a reference to a famous Internet slang among the Chinese community, which originated from a viral WeChat conversation depicting a suggestive cougar relationship between an older landlady and her young male tenant.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

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