Netizens In Stitches After Kourtney Kardashian Calls Pisang Goreng 'Vegan Banana Tempura'

Banana fritters? Nope. Vegan banana TeMPuRA? Let's go.

Cover image via Bustle & @elorakdshn (Twitter)

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Malaysians are having a field day on Twitter after finding out that celebrity Kourtney Kardashian called pisang goreng "vegan banana tempura"

A netizen posted a screenshot of Kardashian's Instagram Story to Twitter on Monday, 22 November.

In the photo, we can see the media personality is served banana fritters — which is essentially pisang goreng.

The dessert is drizzled with chocolate syrup and it comes with a scoop of ice cream.

Writing in the caption with a 'yummy' emoji, Kardashian says the dessert is "vegan banana tempura"

She tags @xhossx in the post, which leads to a profile of a chef by the name of Aaron Elliott.

Some netizens also noted that musician Travis Barker — Kardashian's current boyfriend — also had the Malaysian delicacy for dessert.

Image via Twitter

At the time of writing, the tweet has gone viral with over 30,500 likes and 20,800 retweets

Many netizens were amused by how a common Malaysian street food has been elevated once "vegan" and "tempura" are added to its name.

"(I'm) gonna start posting pictures of pisang goreng cheese and call it 'vegan banana tempura with grated gluten-free low-carb curdled milk'," tweeted a netizen in jest.

"That's it, man. I'm gonna migrate to a western country and sell [pisang goreng] for like 20 dollar because it's vegan. banana. tempura," said a Twitter user.

"T20 be calling this 'vegan banana tempura'," added another person. T20 refers to the highest group of earners in Malaysia.

One netizen noted that banana fritters are actually popular around the world, but Kardashian is fascinated when it is called 'vegan banana tempura'.

Image via Twitter

Here are other times our local food have taken a weird turn when people from other countries enjoyed them: