Little Boy In Thailand Cries To Mum Over Not Wanting To Race, But Wins It Anyway

Is this character building?

Cover image via อบต. วังอ่าง (Facebook)

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A five-year-old boy got a taste of victory during a running competition thanks to a little push, or shall we say, run from his mother

At a local sporting event in Wang Ang Subdistrict, Cha-uat District, Thailand, a group of children decked out in orange, yellow, and red shirts were lined up at the starting line, ready to race.

Well, almost everyone was ready.

He really doesn't want to race.

Image via อบต. วังอ่าง (Facebook)

In a video shared by อบต. วังอ่าง on Facebook, the five-year-old boy in his bright orange shirt was clearly not thrilled about participating in a race.

The camera captured the hilarious moment as the little boy clung to his mother's leg, bawling his eyes out like it was the end of the world.

No matter how his mother tries to comfort him, there's just no way of calming him down.

Seeing her son's meltdown, the boy's mother decided to take matters into her own hands — or rather, into her own feet

As soon as the whistle blew, she gently pried her son from her leg and took off down the track, occasionally glancing back to see if her son was still following her.

And follow he did — the little guy chased after his mother to the finish line, his little legs pumping furiously

You can hear the little boy's loud wails as he bounded down the track.

Hilariously, the competition was only between two boys.

You can even see the second boy, dressed in red, getting down to his knees at the starting line, looking at the scene beside him.

The result? The little boy ended up crossing the finish line first!

Like how baby birds are pushed out of the nests to learn how to fly, sometimes all you need in life is a little nudge.

Watch the adorable moment here:

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