Tired Of Having Small Boobs? This T-Shirt Might Be The Answer To Your Problem

All about perspective.

Cover image via ekoD Works

Dear women, are you tired of being that person in the group with "small boobs"? Do you sometimes wish that you were just slightly bustier?

Well, stop wishing because I've got good news for you.

A Japanese store called ekoD Works has created a T-shirt with an optical illusion design that can make you appear to have larger boobies.

Check it out:

The T-shirt is so trippy that it can make two mosquito bites look like little melons from the top or from the front

Image via ekoD Works

It doesn't quite work from the side though. But hey, you can't have everything alright? :p

Image via Pinkoi

They sell it in white for RM157 but have just added two brand new colours: black and dark blue priced at RM139.

Photos of the new T-shirt colours have already received over 15,000 Facebook shares since 9 March.

The genius behind the design is Japanese artist Takayuki Fukusawa, who is known for his cheeky and humorous style.

He's also designed something for men.

Not in the mood for the gym? Wear this T-shirt that'll give you the illusion of abs.

Yeah, this is why I have trust issues

Image via GIPHY

Check out more stuff on their international online store here.

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