Malaysian Whips Out Drone To Film Aesthetic Video While Stuck In Massive Jam For Hours

Traffic was at a standstill.

Cover image via @nataresyagrph (TikTok)

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Traffic jams are a common occurrence, especially when accidents happen or when Malaysians balik kampung.

However, one videographer seems to have found a way to make productive use of his time.

TikTok user and photographer @nataresygrph, also known as Natasya Alias, recently shared a video of her and her partner heading to Meru, Ipoh for a wedding shoot.

Unfortunately, she and Ariff Aiman, a fellow photographer and videographer, found themselves stuck in traffic due to an accident on the two-lane highway.

Seeing as cars were at a standstill, drivers started to get out of their vehicles to stretch their legs and have a chat. Or in their case, whip out their drone to capture some footage.

Here's what they captured:

With soothing music playing in the background, the drone captured a glimpse of the beautiful landscape while flying over hundreds of cars stuck in the jam.

According to Natasya, the accident was quite a distance from them, which gave them time to fly the drone and see what was causing the hold-up.

Speaking to SAYS, she said they left their house in Sungkai, Perak at 6.30am, got stuck at 8.30am, and finally reached the venue in Meru at 1pm. This meant they were stuck in traffic for a total of five hours.

After viewing the footage, which has received over 260,000 likes and 3.2 million plays, people responded with cheeky comments

While the accident itself is no laughing matter, people were saying that they managed to "romanticise" the traffic jam, a common experience with which most Malaysians can relate. 

Image via TikTok

"Highway jam but make it aesthetic," wrote one person.

Image via TikTok

"Stuck in jam, can continue your healing," joked another.

Image via TikTok

Speaking of romanticising moments, these photographers and videographers captured Malaysia through their eyes and the results are beautiful:

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