11 Memories You'll Have If You Grew Up Going To The Euro Fun Park

Top Gun was top fun.

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In between collecting angpows from elders and stuffing myself silly with pineapple tarts during Chinese New Year, I'd pester my parents to take me to the yearly "fun fair"

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Growing up in a small town (what's up Kluang), there wasn't an amusement park or anything of that sort. Well, there's a public swimming pool with a broken water slide if that counts. 

So, you can imagine the grins and overwhelming excitement every time we see colour-coordinated lorries pulling up over an empty land which had been housing the fun fair for years, then magically transforming into rides offering cheap thrills. 

The name's Euro Fun Park, I later discovered. These guys have been in the travelling amusement park business for the longest time, going from town to town around the country.

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With more than a decade of experience in the business, Euro Fun Park prides itself on providing fun and exhilarating rides at low prices while placing utmost importance in safety and regular maintenance work.

Looking back, it certainly delivered heaps of fun; through vomit-inducing rides or spending hours at a game booth hoping to impress your crush with a teddy bear toy.

Hop on a ride down memory lane with us as we relive the good ol' times:

1. The first thing you'd notice about the park – a majestic Ferris wheel

Image via Kaki Sini

Get a panoramic view of the city for only a few bucks. 

2. Who could forget the images of pop culture figures randomly plastered everywhere...

Image via Euro Fun Park

Don't be surprised to see Elvis and George Clooney's Batman hanging out. 

3. ... And 90's techno music thumping through the speakers

Image via Visit Johor

God Is A Girl lol. Come on, don't pretend you don't know this.

4. The infamous Top Gun. Basically the Pirate Ship ride, but on steroids. A lot of steroids.

Image via Blogger

5. The Challenger was a later addition to the park, but it also proved to be one of the most thrilling

Image via Euro Fun Park

A wise friend once told me to always watch my feet when walking near these two rides because you could very possibly be stepping into someone's ramly burger vomit. Not exactly gourmet, trust me.

6. Biased opinion, but this ride was THE BOMB.

Image via Euro Fun Park

I'd always go for seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths... and on and on.

7. Sitting on the "flying chair" fearing the chain would snap, throwing you out to the open road...

Image via Euro Fun Park

Morbid thoughts aside, what an exhilarating ride. 

8. The haunted house was legit scary though

Image via coretan bulan

"You go first!" "No, you go first."

9. Remember the "roller coaster"?

Image via Euro Fun Park

Slow and steady coaster.

10. There was plenty of good stuff for kids too! Like this caterpillar ride:

Image via Euro Fun Park

11. What's a fun fair without a merry-go-round?

Fun times for kids, a nightmare for parents. 

Have you ever been to Euro Fun Park? What is your favourite memory of it? Share with us in the comments section below!

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