Oxford Psychologist Says It's Good To Send Your Friends Memes

"It is essentially saying 'Hey, I'm thinking of you and I know you will appreciate this," she said.

Cover image via @oxford_uni (Instagram) & Know Your Meme (Edited)

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A psychologist from Oxford University has revealed that sending memes to your family and friends has its psychological benefits

In an Instagram Reel by Oxford University, psychologist Dr Mary Kempnich explained that sending funny pictures and videos to your loved ones is a great way to stay in touch.

"[This is] because you're not expecting them to reply," said Kempnich, who is a lecturer at the university's Department of Experimental Psychology.

She added that, with a meme, your friends are also not pressured to reply.

"You're not asking them anything that they will need to elaborate on.

"You basically are just showing each other that you exist, you care, and you want to make each other laugh. And it doesn't really matter how your day is going," she said.

She further explained that sending memes is a great way to maintain friendships because it's a "low hurdle" form of communication that "takes absolutely no time"

"The hurdle (to send a meme) is quite low and the investment is quite low, it's easy to just come across something and (send it to someone)," she explained in another video.

According to Kempnich, sending a meme also shows that you know your friend well, which is a powerful way to bond.

"It is essentially saying 'Hey, I'm thinking of you and I know you will appreciate this'," she said.

"So, make sure you don't underestimate the power of sending a meme.

"And if your friends send you one, make sure you leave a little 'like' or a heart," she advised.

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