[PHOTOS] Mister Global Malaysia & 32 Other Contestants In Costumes For You To 'Cuci Mata'


Cover image via David Ryo/@officialmisterglobal (Instagram)

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Photos of 33 buff contestants, who took part in Mister Global wearing national costumes, have caught the Internet's attention

The competition, which has been taking place annually in Thailand since 2014, concluded its grand finale on 15 March, with the national costume round as one of the main highlights.

The title this year was won by Spain's fashion model, Miguel Ángel Lucas, while past winners include Myanmar, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Brazil, US, and South Korea.

Check out Malaysia's very own representative in his national costume:

And here are the 32 other chiselled contestants donning colourful outfits for you to feast your eyes on as well:

5. Dominican Republic

22. Czech Republic

29. United Kingdom

Which country's national costume is your favourite? Let us know your pick!

The competition was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19. But here's a look at the previous year:

The national costume round on beauty pageants are always so extra. Check out these other outfits: