Hilarious Photos Show Why You Shouldn't Leave Your Kids Alone (Not Even For A Few Minutes)

"They were SWIMMING in it!"

Cover image via Ariff Ermizie/Facebook & Lily Fadhilah/Facebook

A Malaysian dad recently learnt his lesson when he left his kids alone for just a few minutes to attend to something else in the house

"Be careful guys. Don't let your guard down, even if it's just for 10 minutes," warned the father-of-two, Ariff Ermizie, in a Facebook post that has gone viral since he shared the "tragic end" to his sofa.

He knew something was up when the house suddenly went quiet

"At first I could hear them playing and laughing. But then, the house went silent all of a sudden," said Ariff.

He hurried back into the living room only to find the havoc his two children caused in the living room.

"All I did was make the mistake of leaving them for 10 precious minutes," cried Ariff.

"And this is what happened.  The entire tin of milk powder, that was just opened yesterday, was completely emptied. They were swimming in it!"

Although shocked by the scene, the busy dad shared that he still had to gather his composure and rush off to work, but asked if anyone knew how to clean the milk powder up

"I just left the sofa like that because I had to go in for the night shift at work and my wife is in Kuala Lumpur studying. So, I dropped the two kids off at the babysitter's house," he explained.

"So, please help me out and give me some ideas on how to clean this mess tomorrow," he asked of his followers. "What's worse is that this is one of those types of couches where the cover can't be removed."

Ariff's post has since garnered close to 600 shares as well as comments on Facebook.

Amused netizens shared their sympathies for the him and his couch while some gave helpful advice on how to get the milk power off.

But best of all were the photos and stories that some parents shared of their own mischievous children

"Same lah, I accidentally fell asleep after coming home from work and this happens," commented a parent with a face-palm.

"So this just happened. He called them humpty-dumpty!" shared another netizen.

While this mother said, "The whole time I was in the kitchen, I heard my son saying 'so fun, so beautiful'. When I walked back into the living room and saw this, I was livid!"

This parent was instead very forgiving and said, "This happens when we are careless, it's not our children's fault, it's our own. They just know how to play."

"We as parents should be more alert and instead teach them how to play properly!"

Parents do try their best:

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