[PHOTOS] These IKEA Puns In BM Are So Simple Yet So On Point

'Adde' oomph!

Cover image via Nicole Tan/Facebook

About a week ago, a girl on Facebook posted her friend's Insta stories of IKEA puns she did in BM. The post made a lot of people giggle.

We asked her if we could share the puns on SAYS and she happily agreed. Enjoy! :D

If you're guilty of making puns out of everything too... just repent lah

Don't be so choosy

Best way to spend 3 hours of your life

Ahh, barulah 'adde' oomph

Raffig, sudah makan ke belum?

Yeah, the ones in white are always cheaper

Wait this isn't in BM

Oh no, don't give up!

Okay, maybe it's time to go

Hehe, thank you for the laughs!

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