People Cannot Brain This Singaporean Farmer's "Udderly Terrible" Proposal

He put a ring on it. By “it”, we mean the cow.

Cover image via Facebook/That’s it & I’m ring shaming: The Wreckoning

From boxing rings to accidental funeral wreaths, many suitors have come up with some pretty unique - and sometimes bizarre - proposals to impress their significant other

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Image via Shanghailist

Most recently, a Singaporean farmer decided to propose by placing a ring on one of his cows’ udder and people are not here for it

A Facebook user shared a picture of the proposal in a closed group called "That's it, I'm ring shaming: The Wreckoning," reported the Daily Mail.

According to her, the person who originally shared it was a farmer.

He has since received criticism for his act, with netizens resorting to puns to express their disapproval of the man’s proposal method

Image via Daily Mail
Image via Daily Mail

Some are even going as far as to call it "animal abuse"

Image via Daily Mail
Image via Daily Mail
Image via Daily Mail

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